Mental Exercise as Important as Physical Exercise

Mental Exercise as Important as Physical Exercise. Read More


Emotion & Exercise Physiology: Any Link?

Research Paper Title Real-time Physiological Emotion Detection Mechanisms: Effects of Exercise and Affect Intensity. Abstract The development of systems capable of recognising and categorising emotions is of interest to researchers in various scientific areas including artificial intelligence. The traditional notion that emotions and rationality are two separate realms has gradually been challenged. The work of neurologists has shown the strong relationship… Read More

What do you know about Exercise-induced Anaemia?

A forgotten cause of iron deficiency anaemia in young adults, so writes Marjan Wouthuyzen-Bakker and Sander van Assen in the British Journal of General Practice: Iron deficiency anaemia (lDA) is a common finding in general practice. The prevalence of IDA in the general population is around 2% and rises to >5% in pre-menopausal females. The presenting symptoms of IDA vary,… Read More

The Motivation to Benefit from Exercise

There is no doubt about the benefits of exercise. Physical activity is associated with a reduced risk of coronary heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and other chronic diseases and conditions. Despite the wealth of information about the benefits of exercise, sedentary adults often find it hard to change their behaviour in a sustainable manner.… Read More

Endurance: Shuttles & Carbohydrates

Research Paper Title Carbohydrate-gel Supplementation and Endurance Performance during Intermittent High-intensity Shuttle Running. Background The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of a carbohydrate (CHO) gel on performance after prolonged intermittent high-intensity shuttle running. Methods Seven male soccer players performed 2 exercise trials, 7 days apart. On each occasion, participants completed five… Read More

Osteoarthritis: To Exercise or Not to Exercise?

Research Paper Title Exercise for Lower Limb Osteoarthritis: Systematic Review incorporating Trial Sequential Analysis and Network Meta-analysis. Study Question Which types of exercise intervention are most effective in relieving pain and improving function in people with lower limb osteoarthritis? Summary Answer As of 2002 sufficient evidence had accumulated to show significant benefit of exercise over… Read More

Questionnaires: It’s All in the Question!

Research Paper Title Prevalence of Muscle-Strengthening Activities in Women: The WIN Study. Background Aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities are related to morbidities and mortality. Resistance exercise/strength training items are included in national surveys, but the manner in which muscle-strengthening activity is queried varies among these surveys. Purpose The purpose of this study was to use different… Read More