What is the Expeditionary Medical Support System (US)?

Introduction The Expeditionary Medical Support System (EMEDS) is a modular field hospital system developed by the US military for mobile deployment of medical treatment facilities in any location. EMEDS consists of a variety of modular, medical response packages and equipment that can be used in multiple geographical operations and situations such as wartime contingencies, humanitarian… Read More


How to Find the Right Veteran Rehab Programme for PTSD

Introduction Life in the military certainly isn’t easy. For soldiers who are actively deployed to conflict zones, death is an unfortunate and unavoidable reality. After returning home from military conflicts, soldiers may experience PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) – which can occur after a person has experienced trauma of some kind, and combat stress is a… Read More

5 Ways To Deal With A Sports Injury

Introduction Almost everyone will probably experience an injury, whether minor or more serious, at least once in their lives – especially those who regularly participate in sports. Athletes are more exposed to such situations as they play sports more frequently. Sports injuries can range from hamstring pain and skin bruises to sprains and body pains.… Read More

What was Executive Order 13139?

Introduction Executive Order 13139 – entitled Improving Health Protection of Military Personnel Participating in Particular Military Operations – as an executive order (EO) issued by US President Bill Clinton on 30 September 1999. Purpose It outlines the conditions under which Investigational New Drug (IND) and off-label pharmaceuticals can be administered to US service members. An… Read More

What Dental Issues Disqualify You From The US Military?

A sense of duty to their country is usually the motivation behind a person’s decision to enlist in the US military, especially if they were brought up in a patriotic family. However, even in patriotic families, potential recruits must follow the medical requirements, which is undertaken at the MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) or your… Read More

6 Treatment Options For Foot Pain

Your feet are a very important part of your body. They are also the body part that exerts a lot of effort in helping move you get from one place to another – carrying you through the day-to-day activities you will have to accomplish. When you give it some thought, once your feet give up… Read More

COVID-19 & the Spanish Influenza: Combating an Invisible Enemy

Research Paper Title Combating an invisible enemy: the American military response to global pandemics. Abstract The present moment is not the first time that America has found itself at war with a pathogen during a time of international conflict. Between crowded barracks at home and trenches abroad, wartime conditions helped enable the spread of influenza… Read More