US Army Medical Personnel Training

If a person decides to become an army doctor, they will obtain a military rank. Thus, such a person will not only have to attend medical school, they will also receive training in military culture and leadership. In other words, getting ready to become a military doctor is not only about writing an assignments relating… Read More


Can We Provide Humanitarian Surgical Care without Compromising the Primary Mission of the Medical Forces?

Research Paper Title The 7th French Airborne Forward Surgical Team experience of surgical support to the population of a low-income country: a prospective study on 341 patients with short-term follow-up. Background The 7th Airborne Forward Surgical Team (FST) has deployed to Chad in 2015 and 2016, in support of French military forces. Humanitarian surgical care… Read More

Outlining Military Prehospital Emergency Care

Research Paper Title Military Prehospital Emergency Care: defining and professionalising the levels of care provided along the Operational Patient Care Pathway. Abstract The Defence Medical Services aims to provide gold standard care to ill and injured personnel in the deployed environment and its prehospital emergency care (PHEC) systems have been proven to save lives. The… Read More

Penicillin & World War II

During the second world war, chemists made penicillin by culturing moulds in pans. Labs would have these pans stacked to the ceiling, but the process still yielded only tiny amounts of penicillin. The compound was in such short supply that unmetabolised remnants of the drug were being recycled from soldiers’ urine. Reference Howgego, J. (2018) Roaming Free. New Scientist. 19… Read More

What is the Defence Medical Services (DMS)?

The primary role of the UK’s Defence  Medical Services (DMS) is to ensure that Service personnel are ready and medically fit to go where they are required in the UK and throughout the world – generally referred to as being ‘fit for task’. DMS encompasses: Medical; Dental; Nursing; Allied health professionals (AHP); Paramedical; and Support personnel. It… Read More

Describing the Use of Integrative Medicine in the US Military Health System

Research Paper Title Use of Integrative Medicine in the United States Military Health System. Abstract Integrative medicine (IM) is a model of care which uses both conventional and nonconventional therapies in a “whole person” approach to achieve optimum mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental health, and is increasingly popular among patients and providers seeking to… Read More

What is the Prevalence of Medical Symptoms in IDF Aircrew?

Research Paper Title The prevalence of medical symptoms in military aircrew. Background The prevalence of medical symptoms in aviators has not been described in the medical literature. Methods An anonymous questionnaire was handed to all Israeli Air Force aviators who went through the routine yearly examination. Because only two women filled the questionnaire, we excluded… Read More