Comparing Defence Healthcare Engagement & Humanitarian Assistance

Research Paper Title Comparison Between Defence Healthcare Engagement and Humanitarian Assistance. Background Humanitarian assistance and Defence Healthcare Engagement have traditionally both been taught on the Medical Humanitarian Stabilisation Operations Course. However, the two activities are distinct. This paper outlines the critical differences between them, focusing on their specific purposes, scope, timescales and ethics. Humanitarian assistance… Read More


Can We Provide Humanitarian Surgical Care without Compromising the Primary Mission of the Medical Forces?

Research Paper Title The 7th French Airborne Forward Surgical Team experience of surgical support to the population of a low-income country: a prospective study on 341 patients with short-term follow-up. Background The 7th Airborne Forward Surgical Team (FST) has deployed to Chad in 2015 and 2016, in support of French military forces. Humanitarian surgical care… Read More