Balancing Further Education With Military Ambition

Introduction Military Commitment Ceremonies are new to many high schools and rising in popularity as a fitting way to honour students enlisting in the Armed Forces. Ten students at Mentor High School in Ohio were drawn to the military by its many opportunities and some are planning to continue their studies and earn a degree while… Read More


Identifying the Factors Affecting Quality of Emergency Service in Iran’s Military Hospitals

Research Paper Title Factors Affecting Quality of Emergency Service in Iran’s Military Hospitals: A Qualitative Study. Background Quality is a key factor for the success of any organisation. Moreover, accessing quality in the emergency department is highly significant due to the sensitive and complex role of this department in hospitals as well as the healthcare… Read More

Can We Capitalise on Military Nurse Skills for Second-Career Leadership & Staff Development Roles?

Research Paper Title Capitalising on Military Nurse Skills for Second-Career Leadership and Staff Development Roles. Abstract Nursing continues to face professional workforce and diversity shortage problems. This article advocates for examining an untapped resource – the consideration of applicants for nursing leadership and educational positions in civilian health care organisations. This untapped resource is highly… Read More

Has There Been A Revolutionary Approach to (UK) Combat Casualty Care?

Research Paper Title A Revolutionary Approach to Improve Combat Casualty Care. Background Military medicine has historically advanced in war. Advances in concepts, technology, organisation and operational processes have occurred during the contemporary conflicts of the last decade. Aims To determine whether the advances constitute a ‘Revolution in Military Medical Affairs (RM2A)’; To demonstrate my role within a revolutionary transformation;… Read More

New Health App Guidance Aims to Protect Patients

The Royal College of Physicians has produced a factsheet on using medical apps, to help doctors protect patients. The factsheet explains what is and what is not a medical app, what to do if you are using or developing a medical app, and how to report problems with apps. It advises doctors not to use… Read More

Physicians’ & Their BMI: Is There a Link When Counseling Patients about Physical Activity?

Research Paper Title Factors that Influence Physicians’ and Medical Students’ Confidence in Counseling Patients about Physical Activity. Background Less than half of US adults and two-thirds of US high school students do not meet current US guidelines for physical activity. Methods The researchers examined which factors promoted physicians’ and medical students’ confidence in counseling patients… Read More