New Health App Guidance Aims to Protect Patients

The Royal College of Physicians has produced a factsheet on using medical apps, to help doctors protect patients. The factsheet explains what is and what is not a medical app, what to do if you are using or developing a medical app, and how to report problems with apps. It advises doctors not to use… Read More


Physicians’ & Their BMI: Is There a Link When Counseling Patients about Physical Activity?

Research Paper Title Factors that Influence Physicians’ and Medical Students’ Confidence in Counseling Patients about Physical Activity. Background Less than half of US adults and two-thirds of US high school students do not meet current US guidelines for physical activity. Methods The researchers examined which factors promoted physicians’ and medical students’ confidence in counseling patients… Read More

Article: Education Produces No Effect Whatsoever!

An interesting article about the impact and differences between quality improvement and CPD from Kieran Walsh writing on the BMJ blog: “One of the latest thoughts to emanate from authorities in medical education is that investments in education will produce a tangible return on investment.  The theory goes a bit like this: you invest in… Read More