Military Health Professionals’ Perceptions of an Acute Pain Service

Research Paper Title A Survey of Military Health Professionals’ Perceptions of an Acute Pain Service at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan. Background The primary goal of this investigation was to survey military health care professionals at a Camp Bastion, Afghanistan, regarding their perceptions of care delivered by an anaesthesiologist-directed acute pain service (APS) at a British Combat… Read More


Lead Poisoning & British Army Training in 1915

Frank Shufflebotham writing about the 14 cases of lead poisoning he cam across in young men training for the British Army in 1915. Of the 14 men, 10 were pottery workers, 3 were house painters and 1 was a plumber. Symptoms started to show from 3-7 weeks after mobilisation or enlistment, and Shufflebotham suggested that… Read More

What’s it like Working as a Doctor in the British Army?

Nicola MacLeod, writing in the British Medical Journal, answers questions about working as a doctor in the British Army: How difficult is it to get into the army medical services? There are plenty of opportunities to join as a doctor. I joined at university and enjoyed financial support through my last three years of study on… Read More

Dynamic Pressure Testing for CECS in the UK Military

Research Paper Title Dynamic Pressure Testing for Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome in the UK Military Population. Background Chronic exertional compartment syndrome (CECS) is one of the main causes of exertional leg pain. Diagnosis is based on the history and intra-compartmental muscle pressure testing during exercise prior to consideration of fasciotomy for treatment. The researchers present… Read More

CECS & Postoperative Rehabilitation Protocols in a Military Population

Research Paper Title Outcomes of Surgery for Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome in a Military Population. Aim To determine the outcome following fasciectomy for chronic exertional compartment syndrome (CECS) in the UK military, and the association between presurgical intramuscular pressure (IMP) and outcome. Methods All patients who underwent fasciectomy for anterior CECS were identified between 2007… Read More

How to Reduce Medical Downgrading in a High Readiness Royal Marine Unit?

Research Paper Title Reducing Medical Downgrading in a High Readiness Royal Marine Unit. Background This 3 year retrospective observational study aimed to determine the diagnoses causing medical downgrading in a high readiness Royal Marine Commando unit, and to direct future investment to reduce numbers downgraded. Methods Medical and administrative records were used to ascertain diagnoses,… Read More