War is…

“War is only a cowardly escape from the problems of peace.” Thomas Mann (1875 to 1955) Thomas Mann was a German novelist and essayist whose early novels – Buddenbrooks (1900), Der Tod in Venedig (1912; Death in Venice), and Der Zauberberg (1924; The Magic Mountain) – earned him the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1929.… Read More


Dying & Killing…

“Patriots always talk of dying of dying for their country and never of killing for their country.” Bertrand Russell (1872 to 1970) Bertrand Arthur William Russell, 3rd Earl Russell of Kingston Russell, Viscount Amberley of Amberley and of Ardsalla, was a British philosopher, logician, and social reformer, founding figure in the analytic movement in Anglo-American… Read More

I Insist on Oats…

“Horses have no patriotism; soldiers fight without bread, but horses insist on oats.” Etienne, Comte de Nansouty (1768 to 1815) Etienne-Marie-Antoine-Champion Nansouty was a French cavalry general known for his sarcasm and adherence to tradition.

Suffering: Youth then Old

“In the career of glory one gains many things; the gout and medals, a pension and rheumatism … And also frozen feet, an arm or leg the less, a bullet lodged between two bones which the surgeon cannot extract … all of these fatigues experienced in your youth, you pay for when you grow old.… Read More