Great & Small Discipline…

“You cannot be disciplined in great things and undisciplined in small things. There is only one sort of discipline – perfect discipline. Discipline is based on:- Pride in the profession of arms.Meticulous attention to detail.Mutual Respect and Confidence. Discipline can only be obtained when leaders are as imbued with the sense of their lawful obligations… Read More


Dignified not Coarse…

“An officer should, at all times, be dignified in his conduct. Dignity is nothing more than the avoidance of coarse behaviour. It requires the control of one’s emotions. To be profane, boisterous, or ‘loud-mouthed’ is to be coarse. An officer who makes a spectacle of himself by being loud, or by losing his temper on… Read More

5 Lessons You Could Probably Learn from Military College Students

An article by Alyssa Johnson. Getting into college is very challenging, but getting into the military is a lot harder, and not everyone dares to be in the military. However, some college students still aim to get into the military because it offers them a lot of advantages over the traditional boarding school. People with… Read More

The British Army as an Elite

“The Army of Great Britain currently enjoys, both at home and abroad. the reputation of being (for its size) of the best in the world. Composed entirely of volunteers, it morale sustained by its curious and little-understood attitudes towards tradition, the British Army attracts respect and admiration from the military expert and the layman alike. It has kept the peace in Ulster… Read More

Character-Education Programmes: Linking Performance Virtues & Moral Virtues

Discussion Paper Title Moral Dilemma. Headline Attempts to bolster virtuous traits in the young are on the rise. But no one knows whether they actually works, says Christian B. Miller (writing in the New Scientist). Article It is a common refrain down the ages: the young of today lack the backbone of earlier generations. In… Read More

It is a proud privilege to…

“…It is a proud privilege to be a soldier – a good soldier … [with] discipline, self-respect, pride in his unit and his country, a high sense of duty and obligation to comrades and to his superiors, and a self confidence born of demonstrated ability.” (George Smith Patton Junior, 1885-1945, Lieutenant General, US Army, WW2)