What is the Lodge-Philbin Act?

Introduction The Lodge-Philbin Act was a US federal law, passed on 30 June 1950, which allowed for the recruiting of foreign nationals into a military force fighting under the command of the US Armed Forces. Refer to Selective Service System. Background The Act permitted initially up to 2,500 non-resident aliens (later expanded to allow up… Read More


What is Conscription (in China)?

Introduction A conscription system is employed in China. In practice, mandatory military service has not been implemented since 1949 as the People’s Liberation Army has been able to recruit sufficient numbers voluntarily. Residents of the Special administrative regions, Hong Kong and Macau, are exempted from joining the military. Registering for the Draft The Chinese system… Read More

What is the Adjusted Service Rating Score?

Introduction The Adjusted Service Rating Score was the system that the United States Army used at the end of World War II in Europe to determine which soldiers were eligible to be repatriated to the United States for discharge from military service as part of Operation Magic Carpet. Refer to Selective Service System. Brief History… Read More

What was the Berry Plan?

Introduction The Berry Plan was a Vietnam War-era programme in the United States that allowed physicians to defer obligatory military service until they had completed medical school and residency training. More than 42,000 physicians and surgeons were affected by the Berry Plan, named after Dr. Frank B. Berry, who served as the Assistant Secretary of… Read More

What is the The Impact of Military Service Exposures & Psychological Resilience on the Mental Health Trajectories of Older Male Veterans?

Research Paper Title The Impact of Military Service Exposures and Psychological Resilience on the Mental Health Trajectories of Older Male Veterans. Background The researchers examine the impact of exposure to the dead, dying, and wounded (DDW) during military service on the later-life depressive symptom trajectories of male United States veterans, using psychological resilience as an… Read More

Service Our National Needs…

“In preparing for a lifetime of service, our professionally trained military graduates must train not only for leadership in battle, but also to provide leadership for the Nation in adapting the resources of science and education to our national needs.” General Omar Bradley (1893 to 1981) Omar Nelson Bradley was a US Army officer who… Read More

Inarticulate Desire…

“Only the officer who dedicates his thought and energy to his men can convert into coherent military force their inarticulate thoughts about their country; nor is any other in a position to stimulate their desire to be of service to it.” Brigadier General S.L.A Marshall (1900 to 1977) S.L.A. “Slam” Marshall (full name, Samuel Lyman… Read More