British Army Promotion Policy Changes from 01 July 2020

The Army policy on accelerated promotion is being updated. The new regulations will be live from 01 July for Regular and Reservepersonnel and come into effect from the 2020-21 annual reports. Soldiers graded with a potential recommendation of “exceptional for promotion one rank up” in their annual report, short tour or duty period report and… Read More


Receiving a Bronze Star Medal: What to Expect

A Bronze Star Medal is a tremendous honour which you should be extremely proud to be receiving. It is one of the highest military decorations that you can receive for acts of valour. This decoration is awarded for heroism. A heroic achievement or service of great merit in a combat zone is rewarded with a… Read More

Vegan Navy

In May 2019, the Royal Navy conducted a 6-week trial offering a range of vegan menus onboard one of their ships. The intention is to role out vegan options across RN ships and establishments, and across Defence in general. “In August 2018, a decision in Finland to serve two vegetarian meals every week to troops… Read More

US Military Spouses to be Reimbursed for Professional Licensing

A new provision in the defence bill bumps up the maximum military spouse reimbursement to $1,000, for re-licensing and re-certification costs each time they relocate with their service member. The defence bill, signed into law by President Donald Trump, also extendsthe authority for this reimbursement by two years through 31 December 2024. Separate provisions in… Read More

Can Basic Training Contraceptive Policy Influence Contraception Use Among Junior Enlisted Servicewomen?

Research Paper Title Influence of military contraceptive policy changes on contraception use and childbirth rates among new recruits. Background Unplanned pregnancy is a common problem among United States servicewomen. Variation among service branches in contraceptive education and access during initial training is associated with differences in contraceptive use and childbirth rates despite access to a… Read More

New Assessment for Commanding Officers

Future commanding officers (CO’s) are being given a helping hand into post with a temperature check on how they are likely to be perceived by their subordinates. They will receive a so-called “180 degree” assessment in which around a dozen troops provide feedback on a leader’s attributes. The CO’s will also be interviewed and given… Read More