What is a Final Tour of Duty Request (UK)?

Introduction There is a little known regulation that covers ‘Final Tour of Duty’ requests. Ordinarily, first and final house moves in the military are not paid for at public expense; however, provision does exist for paying both Disturbance Expense (DE) and Removal of Personal Effects (RPE) at public expense for a final move, providing that… Read More


What is the MOD Ex-Gratia Payment in lieu of Maternity Allowance?

Introduction If you are accompanying your spouse/civil partner overseas and fall pregnant, you may be entitled to an Ex-Gratia Payment in lieu of Maternity Allowance if you are prevented from claiming the normal Maternity Allowance. Outline The MOD Ex-Gratia Payment in lieu of Maternity Allowance policy applies to eligible spouse/civil partners who accompany their Service… Read More

What is the Forces Help to Buy Scheme (UK)?

Introduction The Forces Help to Buy (FHTB) scheme is an advance of salary scheme, which is available to help UK Service personnel who want to buy their first home and to enable the option to self-build amongst eligible Service personnel. Outline Since 2014, Regular Service personnel have been able to take an advance of up… Read More

What Allowances Can Personnel in a Long-Term Relationship Claim when Moving on Assignment from One Surplus SFA to Another?

Introduction This article briefly outlines what allowances personnel in a long-term relationship (LTR) can claim when moving on assignment from one surplus service family accommodation (SFA) to another. Outline Generally for cohabitation with a LTR partner, personnel are not eligible to receive any additional allowances in support of their cohabitation. However, changes to policy confirmed… Read More

What is Local Overseas Allowance (UK)?

Introduction Local Overseas Allowance (LOA) is intended to contribute towards the additional local cost of day-to-day living when UK Service personnel are required to serve overseas on: Permanent assignment; Temporary duty; or Exercise. Is LOA Changing? Yes. On 01 July 2021, the way that LOA is calculated was changed. Why Change? The changes will make… Read More

A Quick Overview of Posting Preference Proformas (UK)

Introduction A Posting Preference Proforma (PPP) is a way for military personnel to identify and submit their preferences for potential jobs in the future. “The publication of the Job List for all ranks and the reinvigoration of the Posting Preference Proforma (PPP) in a new PDF format provides improved visibility of available posts and the… Read More

A Brief Overview of the Type S Engagement

Purpose of the Type S Engagement The British Army uses the Type S engagement for all officer pre-career service and in some cases to afford Army Reserve soldiers an opportunity for Regular service. Direct Entry Officers All those who are not in Regular service are attested to a Type S engagement on entry to the… Read More