12 Tips on How to Prepare for Your Next Army Career Course

Introduction Soldier education was given an overhaul earlier this year – with the Army Leadership Development Programme (ALDP) launched as a replacement for the old Command, Leadership and Management (CLM) system. The scheme is split into two modules which personnel will undertake as they move up the ranks. Military Training (MT); and Military Education (ME).… Read More


Reserve Training Completion Bonus Extension

Eligibility for Reservists to claim their training completion bonus has been extended to 31 March 2021. To receive each of the scheme’s two £1,000 payments, new entrants must complete phase one training by this date and phase two training by 31 March 2023. All other Reserve financial incentives are now closed, including the Reserve commitment… Read More

Military Divorce: How Is It Different?

Introduction Many things you will do in the military will be much different than you would experience them in civilian life, and the same is true for getting divorced. If you or your spouse are in the military and you are divorcing, you will experience common issues that other couples who are divorcing face, but… Read More

Should We Offer Screening Tools & Interventions for Gambling to Military Personnel?

Research Paper Title Gambling and the Role of Resilience in an International Online Sample of Current and Ex-serving Military Personnel as Compared to the General Population. Background Compared to the general population, military personnel are particularly vulnerable to developing gambling problems. The present study examined the presentation of gambling-including gambling frequency, personal thoughts on reducing… Read More

Infantry Junior NCO Cadre Students from Different Battalions Train Together for the First Time

British Army training chiefs have been examining the lessons from a pilot leadership course, which saw aspiring non-commissioned officers (NCOs) from across the Infantry train together for the first time. Although this mental and physical test of command is usually carried out in regiment, the one-off change was made due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It… Read More

Corporals can now Complete ALDP Modules on Personal Devices

Designate Corporals can now complete their required training from their laptops and other personal electronic devices. Replacing part three of the classroom-based CLM course, the Army Leadership Development Programme allows participants to save each module, completing the five-day syllabus at their own pace. Candidates must finish the package, which is on the Defence Learning Environment,… Read More

Range Regulations Get Overhaul

The rules and regulations for the management of the MoD’s 1,700 live-firing ranges has changed. Over the next three years responsibility for licensing them will shift from the ten regional brigade commanders to the Defence Ordnance, Munitions and Explosives Safety Regulator. There are also new requirements for ranges with infrastructure located abroad and revised categories… Read More