Royal Navy to Review People Functions

An historic review of the way Royal Navy’s people functions is under way. This will modernise processes, ensure that the needs of Royal Navy personnel and their families are met and that the lived experience of everyone serving in the Royal Navy is the best it can be: from the day they look to join,… Read More


British Army is a Mum-Friendly Employer

The British Army is one of the country’s most mum-friendly employers, according to work-life balance charity Working Families. The Service was named joint winner in the “best for working mothers” category of the organisation’s Best Practice Awards – thanks to its commitment to gender equality and initiatives such as the parents and breastfeeding networks. Other… Read More

More Hairstyles Allowed for Women Soldiers

A restyled Army policy giving women more choice about how they wear their hair while on duty has been given the thumbs-up from personnel. They say the move – which will see soldiers deviate from the hitherto approved bun – will improve comfort and allow kit to fit more snugly. Unless they are at high-profile… Read More

New Book to Aid Military Children

A Bespoke children’s book designed to help youngsters understand and process the thoughts and feelings associated with life in military families has been distributed to Army households in Stafford. The brainchild of Captain John Kennaugh (Royal Signals), the unit welfare officer at 16th Signal Regiment, the project was financed by a £10,000 grant from the… Read More

New Formation Flash for Defence Equipment and Support Personnel

ARMY personnel serving with Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) are now wearing a new formation flash that acknowledges the organisation’s mission to equip the UK’s Armed Forces. The body was the only one in defence to not have an identifying marker, and the arrow is linked to the crow’s foot stamp used by its predecessors,… Read More

Army Accommodation: Upgrades & Maintenance

Personnel occupying single living accommodation (SLA) in the UK can expect higher quality properties and improved levels of maintenance, the Army’s head of infrastructure plans has said. Some £450m is to be spent upgrading Army SLA over the next ten years, which will see nearly 4,000 bed spaces built from scratch and 1,100 refurbished by… Read More

Court Martial? 3 Reasons To Consult A Civilian Military Lawyer

Military personnel are legally-bound and expected to abide by their respective military rules, including its military justice system. For members of the United States military, this set of legal standards are enshrined in the Uniform Code of Military Justice (USMJ). When accused of any violation, the individual (defendant) will face a court-martial to determine guilt… Read More