Help to Buy & the Personal Information Note: PDF vs Mail

Question The Forces Help to Buy (FHTB) is an excellent scheme and I was delighted when my initial approval for funds came back in a single day. However, the system starts to struggle when it comes to the personal information note, which is required by a mortgage lender and also a solicitor as proof of… Read More


Payment for Indirectly Supervised Physical Training Sessions

Question Will Reservists continue to be paid for indirectly supervised physical training sessions they conduct in their own time after the Covid-19 crisis is over? This proposal was discussed and shot down before the pandemic but has become a reality in the current climate. I’m also interested in whether or not the MoD would pay… Read More

Bereavement Leave Policies in the UK Armed Forces

Standard Approach There is a standard approach across the single Services to bereavement leave, which is covered by the use of Compassionate leave, and is outlined in ‘Joint Service Publication (JSP) 760: Tri-Service Regulations for Leave and Other Types of Absence’. The authorisation and duration of compassionate leave rests with the individual’s Commanding Officer (CO),… Read More

Can A Private Individual Rent Service Family Accommodation?

Question If an individual, either a service person or otherwise, wishes to rent Service Family Accommodation (SFA) as privately rented accommodation how do they make an application to do this? Answer The Ministry of Defence (MOD) have a sub-letting programme, and in certain areas there is availability for properties to be let privately. The sub-letting… Read More

Can I Have My Rent Deducted Direct from My Pay By a Private Landlord?

Question Is it possible for a private landlord, or similar such party, engaged in a private agreement for housing rental to have the rent deducted directly from a service person’s salary and reflected on their payslip? Answer (Short Version) Yes. Answer (Longer Version) Overall, I would like to advise that the mechanism you outline is… Read More

How Do I Register a Former-MOD Vehicle with DVLA?

The Ministry of Defence (MOD), via the Defence Equipment Sales Authority (DESA), are able provide documentation to allow registration of former MOD vehicles. However, if DESA has no record of the vehicle, then it is most likely because it was leased to the MOD. Whilst the MOD, through the DESA, can provide documents for former… Read More

What is the Council of Corporals?

Background In line with the Commander Field Army’s (CFA’s) empowerment agenda Regiment’s have created the Commanding Officer’s (CO’s) Council of Corporals. These junior non-commissioned officers (JNCO’s) will act as ‘Senior Corporals’ representing the best of class in the following categories: Driver; Supplier; Communications specialist; REME; Mariner; Port Operator; Chef; Leadership; Personal and professional development (PPD);… Read More