50 Years On, HMS Collingwood Training New Sailors Again

For the first time in more than 50 years civilians have begun their Royal Navy careers at HMS Collingwood. Over ten weeks, 22 men and women will complete their initial training at the Fareham establishment – the first of 500 civilians to be turned into sailors at Collingwood in 2021. The base is meeting a… Read More


Naval Training Delivery: One for a Dozen

One firm will take over more than two dozen naval training contracts from 01 April 2021. For the next 12 years, new firm Fisher Training will be responsible for delivering a wide range of 21st Century instruction and training across the Royal Navy. After three years’ work under the banner of Project Selborne some 26… Read More

Type 23 Frigate Food & Fuels Stats

Introduction “HMS Northumberland’s sailors spent Christmas away from home as they continued their vital mission protecting UK waters and the nation’s nuclear deterrent. The Type 23 frigate was last at her home port of Devonport in late September and since then has been part of the UK Carrier Strike group during landmark operations in the… Read More

New Royal Navy SMERAS Training Complex to Open in March 2021

Introduction Submariners are now using a state-of-the-art escape and rescue complex to prepare them should disaster strike. Background No Royal Navy submariner has been forced to abandon a boat in nearly 50 years. But the generations of crews have still been trained to leave a stricken submarine, rise to the surface and await rescue. The… Read More

What is the International Long Navigation Course (ILNC)?

Introduction The International Long Navigation Course (ILNC) is offered, via International Defence Training (Royal Navy) (IDT(RN)), to overseas military students looking to participate in RN Warfare Officer training. What is the Aim of the Course? To qualify officers as navigation specialists prior to appointment to ocean-going vessels of frigate size and above and to act… Read More

What is the Defence Singapore Support Unit?

Introduction The United Kingdom’s (UK’s) Defence Singapore Support Unit (DSSU) is one of the smallest military units in the British Armed Forces inventory. What is the Role of the DSSU? The role of the unit is to support British and allied forces operating in the region, in particular providing fuel (at Senoko) and port facilities… Read More

WO2 to be Reintroduced to the Royal Navy

The rank of Warrant Officer 2nd Class (WO2) will re-appear in the Royal Navy (RN) from 01 April 2022 after an eight-year hiatus following confirmation of re-organising senior rates’ upper ranks. Introduced in 2004 to RN technical branches to replace Charge Chief Petty Officer (CCPO), it was phased out ten years later. It is being… Read More