What was the Zeebrugge Raid (1918)?

Introduction The Zeebrugge Raid (Dutch: Aanval op de haven van Zeebrugge; French: Raid sur Zeebruges) on 23 April 1918, was an attempt by the Royal Navy to block the Belgian port of Bruges-Zeebrugge during World War I. The British intended to sink obsolete ships in the canal entrance, to prevent German vessels from leaving port.… Read More


What is the King’s Shilling?

Introduction The King’s shilling, known as the Queen’s shilling when the Sovereign is female, is a historical slang term referring to the earnest payment of one shilling given to recruits to the Armed forces of the United Kingdom in the 18th and 19th centuries, although the practice dates back to the end of the English… Read More

What was the Knowles Riot (1747)?

Introduction The Knowles Riot, also known as the Impressment Riot of 1747, was a three-day riot in Boston that began on 17 November 1747, in response to the impressment of 46 Bostonians by Admiral Charles Knowles into the navy. Hundreds of mostly working-class rioters rampaged through Boston, paralysed the provincial government, and captured several naval… Read More

What is the Royal Navy Family and People Support?

Introduction The Royal Navy Family and People Support (RN FPS) is a professional dedicated support service offering bespoke information, family engagement and specialist welfare services to service personnel and their families while also providing guidance to the chain of command. Recruitment It is a non-direct entry role (meaning you must already be a member of… Read More

50 Years On, HMS Collingwood Training New Sailors Again

For the first time in more than 50 years civilians have begun their Royal Navy careers at HMS Collingwood. Over ten weeks, 22 men and women will complete their initial training at the Fareham establishment – the first of 500 civilians to be turned into sailors at Collingwood in 2021. The base is meeting a… Read More

Naval Training Delivery: One for a Dozen

One firm will take over more than two dozen naval training contracts from 01 April 2021. For the next 12 years, new firm Fisher Training will be responsible for delivering a wide range of 21st Century instruction and training across the Royal Navy. After three years’ work under the banner of Project Selborne some 26… Read More

Type 23 Frigate Food & Fuels Stats

Introduction “HMS Northumberland’s sailors spent Christmas away from home as they continued their vital mission protecting UK waters and the nation’s nuclear deterrent. The Type 23 frigate was last at her home port of Devonport in late September and since then has been part of the UK Carrier Strike group during landmark operations in the… Read More