What is a Senior Officer Present Afloat?

Introduction Senior Officer Present Afloat, usually referred to as SOPA, is a US Navy term to indicate the US Navy officer, with the highest ranking by rank, or number in rank, present in a harbour occupied by more than one US Navy vessel. That officer is essentially commander of all US Navy operations afloat in… Read More


What is Impressment?

Introduction Impressment, colloquially “the press” or the “press gang”, is the taking of men into a military or naval force by compulsion, with or without notice. European navies of several nations used forced recruitment by various means. The large size of the British Royal Navy in the Age of Sail meant impressment was most commonly… Read More

Does Consumption of Probiotic L. Reuteri-Lozenges Improve Periodontal Health in Navy Sailors?

Research Paper Title Consumption of Lactobacillus reuteri-containing lozenges improves periodontal health in navy sailors at sea: A randomised controlled trial. Background The objective of this trial was to evaluate whether the regular consumption of probiotics may improve the known deterioration of periodontal health in navy sailors during deployments at sea. Methods 72 healthy sailors of… Read More

Poor Bloody Management…

“Late in February 1949 sailors on the Canadian destroyer Athabascan, on a spring training cruise to the Caribbean, staged a nonviolent demonstration, and the following week, in Far Eastern waters, so did about one-third of the 150-man crew of HMCS Crescent. The Athabascan was one of the escorts of the aircraft carrier Magnificent, thirty-two of… Read More

Non-Freezing Cold Injury (NFCI) with Cold Allodynia & Neuropathy

Research Paper Title A 4-year follow-up of non-freezing cold injury with cold allodynia and neuropathy in 26 naval soldiers. Background Non-freezing cold injuries (NFCI), which typically may occur in military personnel, may result from exposure to cold, at temperatures around 0 °C or above, and worsened by wind and moisture. The injury is due to… Read More

No Risk, No Win…

“It seems to be a law of nature, inflexible and inexorable, that those who will not risk cannot win.” John Paul Jones (1747 to 1792) John Paul Jones, original name John Paul, was an American naval hero in the American Revolution, renowned for his victory over British ships of war off the east coast of… Read More

What is Project Gunwharf?

Outline of Project Gunwharf Shore employment opportunities for all general service junior ratings (JRs). Divisional care responsibility to the employing officers/senior ratings. Provide clear branch/specialisation employment pathways that provide meaningful, rewarding and beneficial shore employment opportunities. Interim Operational Capability April 2018 at PORFLOT/DEVFLOT. Full Operational Capability April 2019 at PORFLOT/DEVFLOT. Why Change? The current JR waterfront… Read More