Does MBW Have Utility in Evaluating Exposure-Related Airways Disease in Symptomatic Military Personnel following Deployment to Austere Environments?

Research Paper Title Multiple breath washout: A non-invasive tool for identifying lung disease in symptomatic military deployers. Background Military deployments to austere environments since 09 November 2001 may put “deployers” at risk for respiratory disease. Sensitive, non-invasive tools for detecting large and small airways injury are needed to identify early disease and help inform management… Read More


What is the Effect of Deployment on Pulmonary Function in Military Personnel With Asthma?

Research Paper Title The Effect of Deployment on Pulmonary Function in Military Personnel With Asthma. Background Military personnel with a diagnosis of asthma report increased respiratory symptoms in the deployment and post-deployment periods. The long-term effect of deployment on pulmonary function in this population is unknown. This study sought to determine the effect of deployment… Read More

What is the Effect of Repeated Low-Level Explosives on Canadian Armed Forces’ Breaching Instructors & Range Staff?

Research Paper Title Blast in Context: The Neuropsychological and Neurocognitive Effects of Long-Term Occupational Exposure to Repeated Low-Level Explosives on Canadian Armed Forces’ Breaching Instructors and Range Staff. Background Currently, there is strong interest within the military to better understand the effects of long-term occupational exposure to repeated low-level blast on health and performance. To… Read More

looking Out for Cutaneous Larva Migrans in Military Personnel

Research Paper Title Unusual presentations of cutaneous larva migrans in British military personnel. Background Cutaneous larva migrans (CLM) is one of numerous skin diseases that occur in British military personnel on deployments to the tropics and sub-tropics. It is typically managed by military primary healthcare services, but diagnostic uncertainty or unavailability of anti-helminthic medication may… Read More

How Strong Relationships Affect Military Morale

Of all the potentially dangerous professions in the world, few compare with the extremes faced by military personnel. There are benefits: regular medical checks, exceptional health insurance, generous vacation allowances, educational opportunities, and excellent pay. But soldiers on active service face the possibility of death, serious physical injury, or mental scars. For those in service,… Read More

Does Consumption of Probiotic L. Reuteri-Lozenges Improve Periodontal Health in Navy Sailors?

Research Paper Title Consumption of Lactobacillus reuteri-containing lozenges improves periodontal health in navy sailors at sea: A randomised controlled trial. Background The objective of this trial was to evaluate whether the regular consumption of probiotics may improve the known deterioration of periodontal health in navy sailors during deployments at sea. Methods 72 healthy sailors of… Read More

Life After Service for UK Ex-armed Forces Personnel

Research Paper Title Outside the Military “Bubble”: Life After Service for UK Ex-armed Forces Personnel. Background Military personnel who have seen active service can be affected by their experiences. Much of the literature on the mental and physical health battles faced by men and women who leave the Armed Forces is dominated by research in… Read More