What is the Effect of Repeated Low-Level Explosives on Canadian Armed Forces’ Breaching Instructors & Range Staff?

Research Paper Title Blast in Context: The Neuropsychological and Neurocognitive Effects of Long-Term Occupational Exposure to Repeated Low-Level Explosives on Canadian Armed Forces’ Breaching Instructors and Range Staff. Background Currently, there is strong interest within the military to better understand the effects of long-term occupational exposure to repeated low-level blast on health and performance. To… Read More


Should We Develop Military-specific Normative Reference Data for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury?

Research Paper Title Military-Specific Normative Data for Cognitive and Motor Single- and Dual-Task Assessments for Use in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Assessment. Background Military personnel and civilian athletes are both at risk for mild traumatic brain injury. However, these groups are unique in their training and typical daily activities. A fundamental gap in the evaluation… Read More

Do Concussed Service Members Underestimate the Influence of Rest during Acute Recovery?

Research Paper Title Beliefs About the Influence of Rest During Concussion Recovery May Predict Activity and Symptom Progression Within an Active Duty Military Population. Background To evaluate relationships between beliefs about the impact of rest and the level of activities and symptoms over time among active duty Service members sustaining concussion, and whether these relationships… Read More

Military Personnel: Military Concussion Research & the Return to Work Metric

Research Paper Title “Return to duty” as an outcome metric in military concussion research: Problems, pitfalls, and potential solutions. Background “Return to duty” (RTD) is often used as an outcome metric in military concussion research, but is inconsistently defined across studies and presents several key problems to researchers. Using results from the Defense and Veterans… Read More

Researching & Contrasting Concussion Non-Disclosure in Military Pilots & Athletes

Research Paper Title Pilots and athletes: Different concerns, similar concussion non-disclosure. Background Concussion non-disclosure research has focused almost exclusively on athletes. The focus on athletic populations has been sensible considering athletes’ demonstrated susceptibility to sustaining and concealing concussions. Nevertheless, the habitual use of athletic populations has allowed researchers and practitioners to omit the development of… Read More

What is the History of Concussion & Risk of Subsequent Injury in Athletes & Service Members?

Research Paper Title History of concussion and risk of subsequent injury in athletes and service members: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Background Risk of secondary injury after a primary concussion in sports and military contexts is an emerging area of interest in research. The purpose of this review was to provide an evidence synthesis describing… Read More

A Preliminary Study of Hearing Protection & Non-impact, Blast-induced Concussion in US Military Personnel.

Research Paper Title Preliminary study of hearing protection and non-impact, blast-induced concussion in US military personnel. Background To examine the relationship between hearing protection and non-impact, blast-induced concussion in US military personnel. This was a retrospective cohort study. Methods A total of 501 US service members from the Expeditionary Medical Encounter Database with hearing protection… Read More