Outlining Measures to Limit COVID-19 Outbreak Effects Among Military Personnel

Research Paper Title Measures to Limit COVID-19 Outbreak Effects Among Military Personnel: Preliminary Data. Background The COVID-19 outbreak posed a threat to the readiness of military forces as well as their ability to fulfill missions. Seeing that military forces have been encountering similar challenges, the researchers found it eminent to share the Israeli Defence Force… Read More


What is the Impact of Musculoskeletal Injuries on US Army Readiness?

Research Paper Title Musculoskeletal Injuries and United States Army Readiness Part I: Overview of Injuries and Their Strategic Impact. Background Noncombat injuries (“injuries”) greatly impact soldier health and United States (U.S.) Army readiness; they are the leading cause of outpatient medical encounters (more than two million annually) among active component (AC) soldiers. Noncombat musculoskeletal injuries… Read More

Taking Care…

“Readiness is the best way of truly taking care of soldiers.” Richard A. Kidd (1943 to Present) Richard A. Kidd is a retired United States Army soldier (1962 to 1995) who served as the ninth Sergeant Major of the Army. He was sworn in on 02 July 1991 and served until his term expired in… Read More