Reviewing Ambulatory Physical Activity during the Initial Training Phase in a Naval Commando Unit

Research Paper Title Ambulatory physical activity during the initial training phase in a Naval Commando Unit. Background There is a positive correlation between the volume of physical activity performed and the incidence of lower extremity overuse injuries. Difficulty in evaluating the amount of activity in which highly specialised military units are engaged has prevented the… Read More


Analysing Textile & Shoe Allergic Contact Dermatitis in Israeli Military Personnel

Research Paper Title Textile and Shoe Allergic Contact Dermatitis in Military Personnel. Background Allergic contact dermatitis is a common dermatosis among military personnel. Given the unique military demands, it is not surprising that shoe dermatitis and textile dermatitis are common. The study aimed to compare the clinical and demographic parameters between military personnel and civilians… Read More

Reviewing Buddy-aid Battlefield Pain Management in the French Military Medical Service

Research Paper Title Buddy-aid battlefield pain management Background As members of the French Military Medical Service currently involved in the management of combat casualties in austere settings, the researchers read with great interest the study by Benov et al reviewing all cases of point of injury (POI) pain treatment documented in the Israeli Defense Force… Read More

PTSD & Its Impact on Marital Relationships over Time

Research Paper Title Posttraumatic Growth and Dyadic Adjustment among War Veterans and their Wives. Background The controversy regarding the nature of posttraumatic growth includes two main competing claims: one which argues that posttraumatic growth reflects authentic positive changes and the other which argues that posttraumatic growth reflects illusory defenses. While the former might suggest that… Read More

What is the Prevalence of Medical Symptoms in IDF Aircrew?

Research Paper Title The prevalence of medical symptoms in military aircrew. Background The prevalence of medical symptoms in aviators has not been described in the medical literature. Methods An anonymous questionnaire was handed to all Israeli Air Force aviators who went through the routine yearly examination. Because only two women filled the questionnaire, we excluded… Read More

Developing Collaboration to Eliminate Preventable Death on the Battlefield

Research Paper Title Analysis of injury patterns and roles of care in US and Israel militaries during recent conflicts: Two are better than one. Background As new conflicts emerge and enemies evolve, military medical organisations worldwide must adopt the ‘lessons learned.’ In this study, the researchers describe roles of care (ROCs) deployed and injuries sustained… Read More

Computer Games in Combat Training as Part of PTSD Prevention

By the end of 2016 all Israeli Infantry soldiers will play a specially designed computer game whose aim is to prevent them developing PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). The game is designed to train soldiers not to block out details of a traumatic event, considered one of the causes of PTSD. The US military is… Read More