4 Emerging Military Technology Trends in 2022

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Who was Robert L. Howard?

Introduction Robert Lewis Howard (11 July 1939 to 23 December 2009) was the most highly decorated officer of Vietnam United States Army Special Forces and Medal of Honour recipient of the Vietnam War. He was wounded 14 times over 54 months of combat, was awarded the Medal of Honour, eight Purple Hearts, a Distinguished Service… Read More

Top 7 Fitness Tips To Strengthen Your Feet

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Who was William George Baker?

Introduction William George “Billy” Barker, VC, DSO & Bar, MC & Two Bars (03 November 1894 to 12 March 1930) was a Canadian First World War fighter ace and Victoria Cross recipient. He is the most decorated serviceman in the history of Canada. Early Life Born on a family farm in Dauphin, Manitoba, “Will” Barker… Read More

What was the Occupation of the Ruhr?

Introduction The Occupation of the Ruhr (German: Ruhrbesetzung) was a period of military occupation of the Ruhr region of Germany by France and Belgium between 11 January 1923 and 25 August 1925. France and Belgium occupied the heavily industrialised Ruhr Valley in response to Germany defaulting on reparation payments dictated by the victorious powers after… Read More

Military Boots: Effective Techniques for Ultimate Comfort

Do you imagine Military boots to be big, heavy things that can make your feet incredibly uncomfortable. That is no longer the norm. Breathable, waterproof and even antibacterial combat boots are now readily available.  However, you still need to make sure that you get the correct size and fit. There are also several effective techniques… Read More

Full Body Kettlebell Workout

Introduction Have you tried a kettlebell workout yet? You have probably seen those strange looking cannonball weights in the corner of the gym. Maybe you have even wondered whether they are any good for building muscle and getting strong.  The answer is, hell yeah! Kettlebells will allow you to develop the type of functional strength… Read More