What was the Battle of Brunekeberg (1471)?

Introduction The Battle of Brunkeberg was fought on 10 October 1471 between the Swedish regent Sten Sture the Elder and forces led by Danish king Christian I. Sture won a decisive victory. Part of the Dano-Swedish War (1470 to 1471). Background In May 1471, Sten Sture the Elder had been elected as Lord Protector of… Read More


What was the War of Chioggia (1377-1381)?

The War of Chioggia (Italian: Guerra di Chioggia) was a conflict between Genoa and Venice which lasted from 1378 to 1381, from which Venice emerged triumphant. It was a part of the Venetian-Genoese Wars. The war had mixed results. Venice and her allies won the war against their Italian rival states, however lost the war… Read More

What was the Byzantine-Venetian War (1296-1302)?

Introduction The Byzantine–Venetian War of 1296-1302 was an offshoot of the second Venetian-Genoese War of 1294-1299. In 1296 the local Genoese residents of Constantinople destroyed the Venetian quarter and killed many Venetian civilians. Despite the Byzantine-Venetian truce of 1285, the Byzantine emperor Andronikos II Palaiologos immediately showed support for his Genoese allies by arresting the… Read More

What was the Treaty of Montgomery?

Introduction The Treaty of Montgomery was an Anglo-Cambrian treaty signed on 29 September 1267 in Montgomeryshire by which Llywelyn ap Gruffudd was acknowledged as Prince of Wales by King Henry III of England (r. 1216-1272). It was the only time an English ruler recognised the right of a ruler of Gwynedd over Wales. Llywelyn’s grandfather… Read More

What was the Morean War?

Introduction The Morean War (Italian: Guerra di Morea), also known as the Sixth Ottoman–Venetian War, was fought between 1684-1699 as part of the wider conflict known as the “Great Turkish War”, between the Republic of Venice and the Ottoman Empire. Military operations ranged from Dalmatia to the Aegean Sea, but the war’s major campaign was… Read More

What was the Alid Revolt?

Introduction The Alid revolt of 762–763 or Revolt of Muhammad the Pure Soul was an uprising by the Hasanid branch of the Alids against the newly established Abbasid Caliphate. The Hasanids, led by the brothers Muhammad (called “the Pure Soul”) and Ibrahim, rejected the legitimacy of the Abbasid family’s claim to power. Reacting to mounting… Read More