First Female Airmen Passes US Army Ranger Course

On 30 August 2019, US Air Force 1st Lieutenant Chelsey Hibsch became the first female airman to earn the US Army’s Ranger tab last week. Hibsch was eligible to take the Army Ranger Course after she attended the Air Force’s Ranger Assessment Course, which is hosted by the Air Force Security Forces Centre and based… Read More


Outcomes of Pectoralis Major Tears in Active Duty US Military Personnel

Research Paper Title Outcomes of Pectoralis Major Tears in Active Duty US Military Personnel: A Comparison of Surgical Repairs Performed in the Forward Deployed Setting to Those Performed in the Continental United States. Background The purpose of this study was to compare pectoralis major tears in active duty military personal repaired surgically in the forward… Read More

What is the Association of Sickle Cell Trait & Haemoglobin S Percentage with Physical Fitness?

Research Paper Title Association of Sickle Cell Trait and Haemoglobin S Percentage with Physical Fitness. Background This study aimed to determine the association between sickle cell trait (SCT) as a binary variable and haemoglobin S percentage as a stratified categorical variable with aerobic and anaerobic fitness. Methods This retrospective cohort study included all recruits who… Read More

Is Exposure to Jet Fuel Associated with Changes in Neurocognitive Performance?

Research Paper Title JP8 exposure and neurocognitive performance among US Air Force personnel. Background Petroleum-based fuels such as jet propellant (JP) 4, JP5, JP8, and jet A1 (JetA) are among the most common occupational chemical exposures encountered by military and civilian workforce. Although acute toxicity following high-level exposures to JP8 and similar chemical mixtures has… Read More

What Training is Provided to UK Reaper Aircrew by US Personnel?

Initial training to qualify personnel to fly Reaper is provided to UK Reaper pilots by US personnel at Holloman Air Force Base: The Ground school element covers aircraft systems, engine, communications links, weapons and aircraft limits. The Live Firing and Simulation element covers operation of the aircraft, general handling, emergency handling, basic tactics, basic mission sets and… Read More

Real Strength Lies In…

“The air force’s real strength lies in its people. The mission is not done by machines, it is done by people. The best weapons are of little value without trained and motivated people to operate and support them.” Charles A. Gabriel (1928 to 2003) General Charles A. Gabriel was the 11th Chief of Staff of… Read More


“The issue is not war and peace, rather, how best to preserve our freedom.” General Russell Elliott Dougherty (1920 to 2007) Born in Glasgow, Kentucky, US Air Force General Dougherty was a graduate of Western Kentucky University and the Law School of the University of Louisville. After working for the FBI and serving in the… Read More