7 Steps To Become A Military Nurse

Introduction The noble profession of nursing holds a special place in society, encompassing compassion, expertise, and the unwavering commitment to care for those in need. While nursing offers diverse opportunities, one particular path stands out for those with a calling to serve their country: becoming a US military nurse. This career presents an exceptional opportunity… Read More


What was the National Association of Army Nurses of the Civil War?

Introduction The National Association of Army Nurses of the Civil War or National Army Nurses was an organisation of former nurses who served in the American Civil War. It was primarily a social organisation, but it also advocated for, and helped to secure, recognition and benefits for nurses who had served in the war. Background… Read More

Burnout in Military Nurses

Research Paper Title Sociodemographic and occupational aspects associated with burnout in military nursing workers. Background The purpose of the is study was to analyse the association between burnout and sociodemographic and occupational features of military nursing workers. Methods A cross-sectional study, developed in five military hospitals of the Army of Rio Grande do Sul State,… Read More

The Varied Competencies of Military Nurse Managers

Research Paper Title Competencies of military nurse managers: A scoping review and unifying framework. Background Military nurse managers shoulder multiple responsibilities because of duality roles, and they should possess competencies that enable them to manage human and material resources during peacetime and wartime. Therefore, nursing management within military context is demanding, such that a comprehensive… Read More

Florence Nightingale: The Radial Plotter!

Florence Nightingale famously used a form of radial plot – she called them coxcomb charts – to draw attention to the fact that during the war in Crimea, deaths from disease among British soldiers far outnumbered deaths from wounds sustained in battle. Nightingale called them coxcomb charts, but they are also known as Polar-Area Diagrams… Read More

Brazilian Army Nurses’ Uniforms: Visual Identity in World War II

Research Paper Title The Brazilian Army nurses’ uniforms: visual identity in World War II. Background To analyse the symbolic effects of the official military uniform of the nurses from the Brazilian Army in World War II. Methods This research was developed using the historical method, with iconographic sources. The data were discussed based on the… Read More

Development of an Evidence-based Online Veteran Healthcare Course

Research Paper Title Meeting the needs of the 21st century veteran: Development of an evidence-based online veteran healthcare course. Abstract Over 12% of those living in the United States over the age of 18 years old are veterans and they represent some of the most resilient yet vulnerable populations in the healthcare system (Newport, 2012).… Read More