Who was Arthur MacArthur Jr.?

Introduction Arthur MacArthur Jr. (02 June 1845 to 05 September 1912) was a lieutenant general of the United States Army. He became the military Governor-General of the American-occupied Philippines in 1900; his term ended a year later due to clashes with the civilian governor, future-US President William Howard Taft. His son, Douglas MacArthur, was one… Read More


What is the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States?

Introduction The Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States (MOLLUS), or simply the Loyal Legion is a United States patriotic order, organised 15 April 1865, by three veteran officers of the Army. The original membership was composed of members of the Army, Navy, or Marine Corps of the United States, who had… Read More

Who was Thomas Ward Custer?

Introduction Thomas Ward Custer (15 March 1845 to 25 June 1876) was a United States Army officer and two-time recipient of the Medal of Honour for bravery during the American Civil War. A younger brother of George Armstrong Custer, he served as his aide at the Battle of Little Bighorn against the Lakota and Cheyenne… Read More

Who was Thomas J. Higgins?

Introduction Thomas J. Higgins (08 June 1831 to 15 August 1917) was a Union Army soldier during the American Civil War who was a recipient of America’s highest military decoration, the Medal of Honour, for his actions at the Battle of Vicksburg. Higgins joined the 99th Illinois Infantry in August 1862, and was mustered out… Read More

Who was John J. Toffey?

Introduction John James Toffey (01 June 1844 to 13 March 1911) was a United States Union Army officer during the American Civil War who received the Medal of Honour. Civil War Serving first as a Private in Company C, 21st New Jersey Volunteer Infantry (a nine-month service regiment) from 28 August 1862 to 19 June… Read More

Who was William Harvey Carney?

Introduction William Harvey Carney (29 February 1840 to 09 December 1908) was an American soldier during the American Civil War. Born as a slave, he was awarded the Medal of Honour in 1900 for his gallantry in saving the regimental colours (American flag) during the Battle of Fort Wagner in 1863. The action for which… Read More

What is Confederate Memorial Day (US)?

Introduction Confederate Memorial Day (called Confederate Heroes Day in Texas and Florida, and Confederate Decoration Day in Tennessee) is a cultural holiday observed in several Southern US states on various dates since the end of the Civil War to remember the estimated 258,000 Confederate soldiers who died fighting against the Union. It is an official… Read More