Douglas Albert Munro?

Introduction Douglas Albert Munro (11 October 1919 to 27 September 1942) was a United States Coast Guardsman who was posthumously decorated with the Medal of Honour for an act of “extraordinary heroism” during World War II. He is the only person to have received the medal for actions performed during service in the Coast Guard.… Read More


Who was Eddie Rickenbacker?

Introduction Edward Vernon Rickenbacker (08 October 1890 to 23 July 1973) was an American fighter ace in World War I and a Medal of Honour recipient. With 26 aerial victories, he was the United States’ most successful fighter ace in the war and is considered to have received the most awards for valour by an… Read More

Who was Bobbie E. Brown?

Introduction Robert “Bobbie” Evan Brown Jr. (02 September 1903 to 08 November 1971) was a recipient of the Medal of Honour for his actions at the Battle of Crucifix Hill, near Aachen, Germany, on 08 October 1944. He left home and joined the army in 1918, lying about his age. At the start of World… Read More

Who was Alvin York?

Introduction Alvin Cullum York (13 December 1887 to 02 September 1964), also known as Sergeant York, was one of the most decorated United States Army soldiers of World War I. He received the Medal of Honour for leading an attack on a German machine gun nest, gathered 35 machine guns, killing at least 25 enemy… Read More

Who was Claud Ashton Jones?

Introduction Claud Ashton Jones (07 October 1885 to 08 August 1948) was a Rear Admiral in the United States Navy, and a Medal of Honour recipient. Biography Born in Fire Creek, West Virginia, he graduated from the Naval Academy in 1907, and after several years of duty at sea, did graduate study leading to a… Read More

Who was Eugene B. Fluckey?

Introduction Eugene Bennett Fluckey (05 October 1913 to 28 June 2007), nicknamed “Lucky Fluckey”, was a United States Navy rear admiral who received the Medal of Honour and four Navy Crosses during his service as a submarine commander in World War II. Early Life Fluckey was born in Washington, D.C. on 05 October 1913. He… Read More

Who was Michael A. Monsoor?

Introduction Michael Anthony Monsoor (05 April 1981 to 29 September 2006) was a United States Navy SEAL who was killed during Operation Iraqi Freedom and posthumously awarded the Medal of Honour. He enlisted in the United States Navy in 2001 and graduated from Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training BUD/S class 250 in 2004. After further training… Read More