Who was Harold A. Garman?

Introduction Harold Alva Garman (26 February 1918 to 13 August 1992) was a United States Army soldier, combat medic and a recipient of the United States military’s highest decoration – the Medal of Honour – for his actions in World War II. Biography Garman joined the Army from Albion, Illinois in 1942, and by 25… Read More


Who was Gary M. Rose?

Introduction Gary Michael Rose (born 17 October 1947) is a retired United States Army officer (1967-1987) and a Vietnam War veteran. For his actions during the war, Rose was recommended for the Medal of Honour, but this was downgraded to the Distinguished Service Cross due to the classified nature of the mission in Laos. He… Read More

Who was Joseph G. LaPointe Jr.?

Introduction Joseph Guy LaPointe Jr. (02 July 1948 to 02 June 1969) was a combat medic in the United States Army who posthumously received the Medal of Honour for his actions during the Vietnam War. Biography LaPointe, known to his family as “Guy”, was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. After graduating from Northridge High… Read More

Who was Thomas W. Bennett?

Introduction Thomas William Bennett (07 April 1947 to 11 February 1969) was a United States Army medic who was killed in action during the Vietnam War and the second conscientious objector to receive the Medal of Honour. Bennett received the medal after repeatedly putting himself in harm’s way to save wounded soldiers during operations in… Read More

Who was Desmond Doss?

Introduction Desmond Thomas Doss (07 February 1919 to 23 March 2006) was a United States Army corporal who served as a combat medic with an infantry company in World War II. He was twice awarded the Bronze Star Medal for actions in Guam and the Philippines. Doss further distinguished himself in the Battle of Okinawa… Read More

Desmond Doss: US Army Medic & Medal of Honour Recipient

If your a fan of military films then ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ is one you should probably watch. The extraordinary true story of Desmond Doss, played by Andrew Garfield, a US Army medic who single-handedly saved 75 soldiers at Okinawa during one of the bloodiest battles of WWII. As a ship joiner (Newport News, Virginia), Desmond could… Read More