Who was Arthur MacArthur Jr.?

Introduction Arthur MacArthur Jr. (02 June 1845 to 05 September 1912) was a lieutenant general of the United States Army. He became the military Governor-General of the American-occupied Philippines in 1900; his term ended a year later due to clashes with the civilian governor, future-US President William Howard Taft. His son, Douglas MacArthur, was one… Read More


What was the Marais Massacre (1870)?

Introduction The Marias Massacre (also known as the Baker Massacre or the Piegan Massacre) was a massacre of Piegan Blackfeet Indians carried out by the United States Army as part of the Indian Wars. The massacre took place on 23 January 1870, in Montana Territory. Approximately 200 Indians were killed, most of whom were women,… Read More

What was the Tuscarora War (1711-1715)?

Introduction The Tuscarora War was fought in North Carolina from 10 September 1711 to 11 February 1715 between the Tuscarora people and their allies on one side and European American settlers, the Yamassee, and other allies on the other. This was considered the bloodiest colonial war in North Carolina. The Tuscarora signed a treaty with… Read More