What is the Effect of Deployment on Pulmonary Function in Military Personnel With Asthma?

Research Paper Title The Effect of Deployment on Pulmonary Function in Military Personnel With Asthma. Background Military personnel with a diagnosis of asthma report increased respiratory symptoms in the deployment and post-deployment periods. The long-term effect of deployment on pulmonary function in this population is unknown. This study sought to determine the effect of deployment… Read More


What is the Relationship to Deployment on Sarcoidosis Staging & Severity in Military Personnel?

Research Paper Title Relationship to Deployment on Sarcoidosis Staging and Severity in Military Personnel. Background Ongoing studies are investigating the potential link between deployment to Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom and relationship to increases in pulmonary disease. While increases in certain diseases such as asthma and airway hyper-reactivity are well established, data on… Read More

What is the Effect of Small Airway Dysfunction on Exercise?

Research Paper Title Isolated Small Airway Dysfunction and Ventilatory Response to Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing. Background The effect of isolated small airway dysfunction (SAD) on exercise remains incompletely characterised. The researchers sought to quantify the relationship between isolated SAD, identified with lung testing, and the respiratory response to exercise. Methods The researchers conducted a prospective evaluation… Read More

5 Minute Cardio Exercise You Can Do At Home

When you mention cardio, people usually think of jumping around in classes or running all over the country seeking the runner’s high. While aerobics classes and jogging are considered cardio, cardiovascular exercise has a much broader scope and can be incorporated into almost every form of exercise. What is Cardio Exercise? In simple terms, cardiovascular… Read More

Inactive People: Physical Activity Promotion & Quality of Life

Research Paper Title Effectiveness of the Physical Activity Promotion Programme on the Quality of Life and the Cardiopulmonary Function for Inactive People: Randomized Controlled Trial. Background The purpose is to assess cardiopulmonary function outcomes and quality of life values in inactive people that participated in the Physical Activity Promotion Programme (PAPP) against the control group… Read More