What is the Association between Vitamin D Status & Asthma Control?

Research Paper Title Association between vitamin D status and asthma control: A meta-analysis of randomized trials. Background There is a controversy in terms of the efficacy of vitamin D supplementation in improving asthma symptom control. Moreover, whether there is a difference in the treatment effect with respect to baseline vitamin D status remains unknown. This… Read More


Enumerating the Risk of New-onset Asthma Diagnoses in British Army Recruits

Research Paper Title Fitness, obesity and risk of asthma among Army trainees. Background Epidemiological data suggest an association between overweight/obesity and asthma. However, less is known about the relationship between physical fitness and asthma. Aims To enumerate new-onset asthma diagnoses in Army recruits during the first 2 years of service and determine associations with fitness… Read More

Appreciate Each Breath…

“‘Catch your breath quickly now, while you may,’ he stated. ‘Breath is the least appreciated gift of the gods. None sing hymns to it, praising the good air, breathed by king and beggar, master and dog alike. But, oh to be without it! Appreciate each breath, Rild, as though it were your last – for… Read More

Asthma & Exercise: A Testing Issue?

Research Paper Title Asthma and Exercise; A Testing Issue? Abstract There is an increasing prevalence of allergy and asthma in children in the European population, with most recent estimates in young people showing an atopy prevalence of 20% and an asthma prevalence of 8% (1). This increasing asthma prevalence has resulted in an increasing number of asthmatics entering the workforce, producing new… Read More

Research in Progress: Medical Research Council United Kingdom Refractory Asthma Stratification Programme (RASP-UK).

Research Paper Title Research in Progress: Medical Research Council United Kingdom Refractory Asthma Stratification Programme (RASP-UK). Abstract The UK Refractory Asthma Stratification Programme (RASP-UK) will explore novel biomarker stratification strategies in severe asthma to improve clinical management and accelerate development of new therapies. Prior asthma mechanistic studies have not stratified on inflammatory phenotype and the… Read More

Smart Phone Apps for Asthma: Any Quality Assurance Issues?

Research Paper Title The Evolution of Mobile Apps for Asthma: An Updated Systematic Assessment of Content and Tools. Background Interest in mobile apps that support long-term conditions such as asthma is matched by recognition of the importance of the quality and safety of apps intended for patient use. We assessed how changes over a 2-year… Read More

Childhood Wheeze & Asthma: What is the Role of Probiotic Supplementation?

Research Paper Title Probiotic Supplementation during Pregnancy or Infancy for the Prevention of Asthma and Wheeze: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Study Question Is probiotic supplementation during pregnancy or infancy safe and protective against the development of asthma and wheeze? Summary Answer There is currently no clinical evidence to support a protective association between perinatal probiotic… Read More