What is the Composition & variation of Respiratory Microbiota in Healthy Military Personnel?

Research Paper Title Composition and variation of respiratory microbiota in healthy military personnel. Background Certain occupational and geographical exposures have been associated with an increased risk of lung disease. Methods As a baseline for future studies, the researchers sought to characterise the upper respiratory microbiomes of healthy military personnel in a garrison environment. Nasal, oropharyngeal,… Read More


What are the Short- and Long-term Effects of Diving on Pulmonary Function?

Research Paper Title Short- and long-term effects of diving on pulmonary function. Abstract The diving environment provides a challenge to the lung, including exposure to high ambient pressure, altered gas characteristics and cardiovascular effects on the pulmonary circulation. Several factors associated with diving affect pulmonary function acutely and can potentially cause prolonged effects that may… Read More

What are the Risk Factors for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) in Combat Casualty Care?

Research Paper Title Incidence, risk factors, and mortality associated with acute respiratory distress syndrome in combat casualty care. Background The overall incidence and mortality of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) in civilian trauma settings have decreased over the past four decades; however, the epidemiology and impact of ARDS on modern combat casualty care are unknown.… Read More

Research: Is Asthma a Vanishing Disease?

Research Paper Title Is Asthma a Vanishing Disease: A Study to Forecast the Burden of Asthma in 2022. Background Recent evidence regarding temporal trends of asthma burden has not been consistent, with some countries reporting decreases in prevalence of asthma. In Ontario, the province in Canada with the highest population, the prevalence of asthma rose… Read More