What Has Been the Role of Benzathine Penicillin G in Predicting & Preventing All-Cause Acute Respiratory Disease?

Research Paper Title The role of benzathine penicillin G in predicting and preventing all-cause acute respiratory disease in military recruits: 1991-2017. Background The adenovirus vaccine and benzathine penicillin G (BPG) have been used by the US military to prevent acute respiratory diseases (ARD) in trainees, though these interventions have had documented manufacturing problems. Methods The… Read More


What is the Composition & variation of Respiratory Microbiota in Healthy Military Personnel?

Research Paper Title Composition and variation of respiratory microbiota in healthy military personnel. Background Certain occupational and geographical exposures have been associated with an increased risk of lung disease. Methods As a baseline for future studies, the researchers sought to characterise the upper respiratory microbiomes of healthy military personnel in a garrison environment. Nasal, oropharyngeal,… Read More

Linking Respiratory Symptoms, Military Service Abroad & Desert Environments

Research Paper Title Respiratory symptoms among Swedish soldiers after military service abroad: association with time spent in a desert environment. Background The aim of this paper was to study whether Swedish soldiers who have served abroad had a higher prevalence of respiratory symptoms than the general population and, if this was the case, also to… Read More

US Marine Corps Recruits & Pneumonia Burden

Research Paper Title Pneumonia at Marine Corps Recruit Depots: Current Trends in Ambulatory Encounters and Inpatient Discharges. Background Acute respiratory infections are recognised as a significant source of morbidity for military populations, particularly for recruits. This analysis aims to describe the pneumonia burden at Marine Corps Recruit Depots (MCRD) in Parris Island and San Diego… Read More

Can Vitamin D Prevent Cold & Flu?

“PRONE to sniffles? Some vitamin D might help. More than 3 million people in the UK would avoid having colds and flu every year if they took vitamin D supplements. That’s according to an analysis of data from nearly 11,000 people. The analysis used data from 25 clinical trials and found that vitamin D supplements can cut the proportion… Read More

Spicy Foods & Mortality: Any Link?

Research Paper Title Consumption of Spicy Foods and Total and Cause Specific Mortality: Population Based Cohort Study Study Question How does regular consumption of spicy foods influence mortality? Summary Answer Regular consumption of spicy foods was inversely associated with total and certain cause specific mortality (cancer, ischaemic heart diseases and respiratory diseases), independent of other… Read More

Probiotic Supplementation & Intense Military Training

Research Paper Title Effect of a Probiotics Supplementation on Respiratory Infections and Immune and Hormonal Parameters during Intense Military Training. Background This study examined the effect of a probiotics supplementation on respiratory tract infection (RTI) and immune and hormonal changes during the French Commando training course (3-week training followed by a 5-day combat course). Methods… Read More