What was the Kalmar War (1611-1613)?

Introduction The Kalmar War (1611-1613) was a war between Denmark-Norway and Sweden. Though Denmark-Norway soon gained the upper hand, it was unable to defeat Sweden entirely. The Kalmar War was the last time Denmark-Norway successfully defended its dominium maris baltici against Sweden, and it also marked the increasing influence of the two countries in Baltic… Read More


What was the Swedish Extradition of Baltic Soldiers (1945-1946)?

Introduction The Swedish extradition of Baltic soldiers (Estonian: Balti sõdurite väljaandmine Rootsis) or simply the Extradition of the Balts (Swedish: Baltutlämningen, Latvian: Baltiešu izdošana, Estonian: Baltlaste väljasaatmiseks), is a controversial political event that took place in 1945-1946, when Sweden extradited some 150 Latvian and Estonian Waffen-SS volunteers and conscripts who had been drafted and recruited… Read More

A Contemporary Perspective of Military Chaplaincy in Sweden

Research Paper Title Military chaplaincy in Sweden: A contemporary perspective. Background Pastors serving as military chaplains have been an integral part of the Swedish Armed Forces for hundreds of years. This close relationship has continued even after the Church of Sweden was formally separated from the state in 2000. Yet contemporary research drawing from experiences… Read More

Is Low Cardiorespiratory Fitness Early in Life a Modifiable Risk Factor for Development of Sleep Apnea in Adulthood?

Research Paper Title Cardiorespiratory fitness and long-term risk of sleep apnea: A national cohort study. Background Sleep apnea is increasing in prevalence, and is an important cause of cardiometabolic diseases and mortality worldwide. Its only established modifiable risk factor is obesity; however, up to half of all sleep apnea cases may occur in non-obese persons,… Read More

Is there a Growing Social Divide in Body Mass Index, Strength, & Fitness of Swedish Male Conscripts?

The aim of the study was to monitor trends in socioeconomic inequalities in body mass index (BMI), cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF), and muscular strength over several decades in a population of Swedish males aged 18-19 years. Read More

Linking Respiratory Symptoms, Military Service Abroad & Desert Environments

Research Paper Title Respiratory symptoms among Swedish soldiers after military service abroad: association with time spent in a desert environment. Background The aim of this paper was to study whether Swedish soldiers who have served abroad had a higher prevalence of respiratory symptoms than the general population and, if this was the case, also to… Read More

Linking Swiss Army Basic Military Training Schools & the Impact of Training Patterns

Research Paper Title Impact of Training Patterns on Injury Incidences in 12 Swiss Army Basic Military Training Schools. Background Non-battle injury rates are a major health problem in the armed forces today. Injury rates are related to physical demands of daily military routine. The aim of this study is to investigate the impact of different… Read More