A Contemporary Perspective of Military Chaplaincy in Sweden

Research Paper Title

Military chaplaincy in Sweden: A contemporary perspective.


Pastors serving as military chaplains have been an integral part of the Swedish Armed Forces for hundreds of years.

This close relationship has continued even after the Church of Sweden was formally separated from the state in 2000.

Yet contemporary research drawing from experiences of Swedish military chaplains during their pastoral and spiritual assignments within a military context is virtually non-existent.

This research explores the contemporary situation for military chaplaincy in Sweden through the lenses of proportional accessibility for military personnel, availability to civilian congregations, increasing cultural and ethnic diversity, religious embeddedness in military culture, theological tension, and personal identity development among chaplains.

It furthermore suggests that military chaplains navigate a complex situation: they are expected to serve professional service members, many of whom have war zone experiences, in addition to shepherding increasing volumes of conscripts now that conscription has been reinstated, all within a new inter-religious paradigm.


Grimell, J. (2020) Military chaplaincy in Sweden: A contemporary perspective. Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy. 1-14. doi: 10.1080/08854726.2020.1745490. Online ahead of print.


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