Norwegian Officer Career Management System (2001)

In principle, the Norwegian officer system is a full-career long-term profession that allows officers to complete a 40-year career or retire at age 60, whichever comes first, with two-thirds pay as a pension. There are few NCOs in Norway’s armed forces, and the officer corps fulfills many of the responsibilities traditionally performed by NCOs. This practice results… Read More


Meningoencephalitis in a Royal Marine after Skinning Reindeer in Norway

Research Paper Title Meningoencephalitis in a Royal Marine after skinning reindeer in Norway. Abstract Meningoencephalitis presenting in service personnel overseas may present a diagnostic challenge due to the broad range of potential differential diagnosis as well as the requirement for rapid assessment and treatment. A 25-year-old Royal Marine was evacuated to the Royal Centre for… Read More

Are IQ & Mental Health Problems Predictors of Future Disability Benefits & Early Mortality for Young (Military) Men?

Research Paper Title IQ and mental health are vital predictors of work drop out and early mortality. Multi-state analyses of Norwegian male conscripts. Background Disability benefits and sick leave benefits represents huge costs in western countries. The pathways and prognostic factors for receiving these benefits seen in recent years are complex and manifold. The researchers… Read More

Norwegian Peacekeepers: Disease-related Mortality & Deployment to Lebanon

Research Paper Title Disease-related mortality among 21,609 Norwegian male military peacekeepers deployed to Lebanon between 1978 and 1998. Background The researchers study assessed disease-related mortality among Norwegian male military peacekeepers deployed to Lebanon during 1978-1998. Methods A total of 21,609 peacekeepers were followed from start of deployment through 2013. Standardised mortality ratios (SMRs) were calculated… Read More