What is a Parents Pension?

Parents pension were first introduced during World War I (114-1918). At that time, adult sons and daughters had a duty under the Poor Law to contribute towards the support of their parents if they were in financial need. The state accepted responsibility for replacing, within certain limits, the support which a son killed in action… Read More


What is the Number of Under 18’s Deployed to Iraq & Afghanistan?

“In dealing with a similar PO in 2013, a total of seven, service personnel under the age of 18 were identified as having been deployed in the period 2007-10 in Iraq and Afghanistan. Upon closer inspection of the information, only two out of the four service personnel were actually deployed to Iraq before the age… Read More

What is the Number of Fatalities as a Result of Bicuspid Aortic Valve (BAV) Heart Malformation?

Between 1984 and July 2018, there were a total of zero (0) recorded deaths either on training or operations due to diagnosed or undiagnosed bicuspid aortic valve (BAV) heart malformation within the UK armed forces. Reference FOI 2018/08466 dated 31 July 2018.

Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) & the UK Armed Forces: A Phantom Menace?

Research Paper Title Phantom menace: novel psychoactive substances and the UK Armed Forces. Abstract Novel psychoactive substances (NPS) encompass a large group of synthesised compounds specifically designed to mimic traditional recreational drugs. Current UK Armed Forces compulsory drug testing does not screen for these substances, making them tempting to the small proportion of UK Armed… Read More

What are the Opportunities for Non-Commissioned Personnel to become Commissioned Officers in the British Armed Forces?

There are a variety of opportunities for non-commissioned personnel to become commissioned officers in the British Armed Forces as outlined below. Naval Services The Naval Service ((Royal Navy) and Royal Marines (RM)) runs several schemes to provide opportunities for the promotion of RN and RM Other Ranks to commissioned ranks. These personnel compete along side… Read More

New Veterans ID Cards Rolled Out to Service Leavers

A new identification (ID) card for UK armed forces veterans, which will help them access specialist support and services, has started to be issued to service leavers. From 18 February 2019, any personnel who have left the military since December 2018 will automatically be given one of the new ID cards, which will allow them… Read More

What is the Strength of UK Regulars by Religion?

Notwithstanding the major religions, the UK Armed Forces has a number of Regular personnel with a variety of other religions (see Table below). Religion [1] Naval Service [2] Army RAF Baha’i – ¬ – Druid ¬ ¬ 10 Jainist – – ¬ Kirati ¬ 120 ¬ Pagan 30 90 30 Rastafarian 40 160 20 Spiritualist 10… Read More