What were the Haldane Reforms (1906-1912)?

Introduction The Haldane Reforms were a series of far-ranging reforms of the British Army made from 1906 to 1912, and named after the Secretary of State for War, Richard Burdon Haldane. They were the first major reforms since the “Childers Reforms” of the early 1880s, and were made in the light of lessons newly learned… Read More


What were the Childers Reforms (1881)?

Introduction The Childers Reforms of 1881 reorganised the infantry regiments of the British Army. The reforms were done by Secretary of State for War Hugh Childers during 1881, and were a continuation of the earlier Cardwell Reforms. The reorganisation was effected by General Order 41/1881, issued on 01 May 1881, amended by General Order 70/1881… Read More

What were the Cardwell Reforms?

Introduction The Cardwell Reforms were a series of reforms of the British Army undertaken by Secretary of State for War Edward Cardwell between 1868 and 1874 with the support of Liberal prime minister William Ewart Gladstone. Gladstone paid little attention to military affairs but he was keen on efficiency. In 1870, he pushed through Parliament… Read More