What was the Esher Report (1904)?

Introduction The Esher Report of 1904, chaired by Lord Esher, recommended radical reform of the British Army, such as the creation of an Army Council, General Staff and Chief of the General Staff and the abolition of the Commander-in-Chief of the Forces. The change to the character of the Army has endured. Background The Second… Read More


What were the Haldane Reforms (1906-1912)?

Introduction The Haldane Reforms were a series of far-ranging reforms of the British Army made from 1906 to 1912, and named after the Secretary of State for War, Richard Burdon Haldane. They were the first major reforms since the “Childers Reforms” of the early 1880s, and were made in the light of lessons newly learned… Read More

The British Army: The Boer War & Tactical Developments

Research Paper Title The Influence of the Boer War (1899-1902) on the Tactical Development of the Regular British Army 1902-1914. Abstract This thesis examines the influence of the Boer War 1899 – 1902 upon tactics and training in the regular British Army 1902 – 1914. The work argues that several key lessons drawn from South Africa became… Read More