What is Initiative Fatigue?

Initiative fatigue occurs when leaders jump too quickly from one improvement fad to another. This is because embarking on a new project is often more exciting than staying the course. However, this does not necessarily deliver the best long-term results. It is, generally, easier to start something, whether it is weight loss, going to the… Read More


New Role for 42 Commando

42 Commando now operates as a specialised Maritime Operations unit. Consequently, the organisation of 42 Commando is now different to that of 40 and 45 Commandos. Although the naming of the companies remains unchanged (J Company, K Company, L Company, M Company, including Command and Logistics Elements), 42 Commando is now focussed on small team activity,… Read More

Mindsets: Progress versus Change…

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their mindscannot change anything.” George Bernard Shaw (1856 to 1950, an Irish playwright, film and theatre critic, and polemicist). He won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1925. Reference The Nobel Foundation (1925) George Bernard Shaw. Available  from World Wide Web: http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/literature/laureates/1925/shaw-bio.html. [Accessed: 24 July, 2016].

Doing Things Better: Last War versus Next War

“Organizations created to fight the last war better are not going to win the next.” Lieutenant General James Maurice Gavin (1907-1990), …”a top Army administrator, a diplomat and a leading management consultant…” (Fowler, 1990) Sometimes presented as “Generals always fight the last war.” Of course, this does not take account of the fact that sometimes… Read More

Connecting Organisational Theory & Design and Irregular Warfare

Research Paper Title Reorganising for Irregular Warfare. Abstract A thorough understanding of Irregular Warfare (IW) and the principles of organisational theory and design will enable the Department of Defense (DoD) to organise efficiently and effectively for operations within the Irregular Warfare Environment, while maintaining its conventional capabilities. The researchers develop their argument for this thesis… Read More

Controversy & Mediocrity…

“An organization which discourages controversy, encourages mediocrity.” Unknown

The Future of Land Warfare: A Vision from 1993!

Research Paper Title Land Warfare in the 21st Century. Abstract The authors discuss the changes that are occurring in land warfare and where they are leading, as well as land warfare constants. They consider changes in the context within which war is fought, technological changes in the conduct of land combat, and continuities in the nature of warfare.… Read More