What was the 1957 Defence White Paper?

Introduction The 1957 White Paper on Defence (Cmnd. 124) was a British white paper issued in March 1957 setting forth the perceived future of the British military. It had profound effects on all aspects of the defence industry but probably the most affected was the British aircraft industry. Duncan Sandys, the recently appointed Minister of… Read More


What is the Army Board (UK)?

Introduction The Army Board is the top single-service management committee of the British Army, and has always been staffed by senior politicians and soldiers. It is the body established under the Defence Council of the United Kingdom for the administration of the Army of the United Kingdom, and is part of the Ministry of Defence.… Read More

What is the Admiralty Board (UK)?

Introduction The Admiralty Board is the body established under the Defence Council of the United Kingdom for the administration of the Naval Service of the United Kingdom. Refer to Air Force Board and Army Board. Background It meets formally only once a year, and the day-to-day running of the Royal Navy is conducted by the… Read More

Reservists Skills Boost for Business

Skills training can be one of the biggest expenses that organisations face. However, supporting reservist employees can bring big benefits to businesses by saving thousands on their training budgets. As part of a successful career in the reserves a person will develop a broad range of skills through their military training which can help them… Read More

Celebrating 100 Years of Apprenticeships

Did you know that the Ministry of Defence (MOD) is the single largest provider of apprenticeships in the UK with more than 18,000 available every year (of which some 2,000 are advanced/higher apprenticeships). The armed forces of the United Kingdom, and the civil service, offer a viable alternative to higher and further education – providing… Read More

Another 1,505 Military Personnel to Be Made Redundant

The fourth and final tranche of redundancies has been announced toady by the Ministry of Defence (MoD). The MoD states this “final tranche will only consist of up to 1,505 personnel. This will include a maximum of 1,425 soldiers, 10 medical officers from the Royal Navy and 70 medical personnel from the RAF.” The MoD… Read More

Musicians Say What…

The contraction witnessed in the numbers of personnel in modern standing armies means that army musicians, when not playing dirges for dead prime ministers, are increasingly deployed in combat roles. The occupational health department of the UKs Ministry of Defence thought that it was important to determine whether its musicians were experiencing hearing loss as… Read More