In Partnership: CIMSPA & the RAF School of PT

In October 2018, the Royal Air Force (RAF) School of Physical Training joined the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) as a skills development partner. Consequently, the RAF has aligned its leading physical training to CIMSPA professional standards. The RAF believes the provision of Physical Education (PEd) by its Physical… Read More


Pregnancy: Linking Good, Benefits & Exercise

“It can be easy to fear exercise when pregnant. Harry Barnes, Ante and Post Natal Personal Trainer, argues there are few more important times to keep fit.” (Barnes, 2017, p.18). Pregnancy dramatically alters the body: hormones, extra nutrients and stretching to allow the ‘wee one’ to grow. Barnes (2017) informs us that almost half of… Read More

Recreational Running Course

As I am attending the Level 2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach course this weekend, I decided this weeks posts would be running related. Although I have previously coached clients for running training, I never got an accredited qualification (just in-house recognition as a coach). I will be completing my 1-day (0830 to 1700) course with… Read More

What’s Wrong with Non-regulated Interventions & Trials?

The following article (written by Rafeal Dal-Re, Michael Bracken & John Ioannidis in the BMJ) is a timely reminder to authors, journalists and consumers about the pros and cons of non-regulated interventions and trials. Efforts to promote the availability of data from clinical trials have been led predominantly by regulators (EMA, 2014) or drug companies… Read More

Celebrating 100 Years of Apprenticeships

Did you know that the Ministry of Defence (MOD) is the single largest provider of apprenticeships in the UK with more than 18,000 available every year (of which some 2,000 are advanced/higher apprenticeships). The armed forces of the United Kingdom, and the civil service, offer a viable alternative to higher and further education – providing… Read More

Soldiers Snap Up Civilian Certificates

An article from the December 2014 issue of Soldier Magazine: More than 6,220 personnel, including some 300 Reservists, have signed up to a new scheme to convert their military courses into civilian qualifications for free. Launched in June, the Army skills offer provides nationally recognised accreditation for military training packages – from GCSE to master’s degree level. Among the certificates on offer are City and… Read More

What Does DTTT Mean in the Army?

DTTT is short for the Defence Train the Trainer qualification which must be completed by all MOD personnel who will undertake instructional duties. Detailed information on the DTTT qualification can be found here. The reader is also directed to the consolidation course, DTTT(C) and the new Army Instructional Capability programme which should fully operational from October 2014.