Soldiers Snap Up Civilian Certificates

An article from the December 2014 issue of Soldier Magazine: More than 6,220 personnel, including some 300 Reservists, have signed up to a new scheme to convert their military courses into civilian qualifications for free. Launched in June, the Army skills offer provides nationally recognised accreditation for military training packages – from GCSE to master’s degree level. Among the certificates on offer are City and… Read More


What Does DTTT Mean in the Army?

DTTT is short for the Defence Train the Trainer qualification which must be completed by all MOD personnel who will undertake instructional duties. Detailed information on the DTTT qualification can be found here. The reader is also directed to the consolidation course, DTTT(C) and the new Army Instructional Capability programme which should fully operational from October 2014.

How to Encourage Professionalism in Your Fitness Instructors

1.0     Introduction Although this article is primarily focused on those working in the military fitness, fitness boot camp and outdoor fitness sectors the principles can be applied to the wider fitness community. The requirements for working as a fitness professional varies across industries and employers. Health clubs and leisure centres usually hire certified personal trainers,… Read More

Fitness Australia: Outdoor Training Guidelines

Fitness Australia’s Outdoor Training Guidelines is a 3-page (short but succinct) document, published in September 2013, which provides guidance on the following: Duty of Care; Professional Skill, Qualification and Continuing Education; Risk Management; Planning and Delivery; Professional and Ethical Practice; and Additional Resources. Fitness Australia is the national health and fitness industry association and is committed… Read More

New Sections

Two new sections ‘Military Fitness Policies and Protocols’ and ‘DITS Example Lesson Plans’ can both be located under the main page heading of ‘Regulations & Qualifications’. The first new section provides downloadable files for the fitness policies, protocols and tests and assessment of the various branches of the UK regular forces. The second new section provides downloadable… Read More


Two new sections of the blog have been uploaded. DITS: The Defence Instructional Techniques Course overview; and DCTS: Defence Centre of Training Support. Both can be found under the main page heading of ‘Regulations and Qualifications’.