Linking Vitamin D Levels & Deficiency with Different Occupations

Research Paper Title Vitamin D levels and deficiency with different occupations: a systematic review. Background Vitamin D deficiency is prevalent worldwide, but some groups are at greater risk. The researchers aimed to evaluate vitamin D levels in different occupations and identify groups vulnerable to vitamin D deficiency. Methods An electronic search conducted in Medline, Embase,… Read More


Occupational Heat Stress in Australian Workplaces: Heat Strain Greatest in Military-related Activities

Research Paper Title Occupational heat stress in Australian workplaces. Background The aim of this review was to summarise the current state of knowledge on heat stress risk within typical Australian occupational settings. Methods The researchers assessed identified occupations (mining, agriculture, construction, emergency services) for heat production and heat loss potential, and resultant levels of physiological… Read More

Running Coaches & Recreational/Competitive Runners

“You don’t have to be a running coach to improve someone’s ability to run.” (Fountain, 2017, p.21) In 2015, the number of weekly runners in England rose by 63,000 to 2.1 million according to Sport England’s Active People Survey. Sport England now uses the  Active Lives Survey and the latest data (2015-16, Year 1 Report) reports… Read More

Do Fitspiration Messages on Social Media Do More Harm Than Good?

THE “fitspiration” craze sweeping social media does not necessarily inspire people to be fitter and instead can create body image issues and bad moods, Adelaide researchers say. After examining the growing online culture of “fitness inspiration”, they will discuss their findings at a conference on women and physical activity in Adelaide tomorrow. They examined posts… Read More

Want to be Listed on Outdoor Fitness Provider Index?

Are you an owner, director, employee, member or enthusiast of outdoor fitness? Would you like your favourite outdoor fitness provider listed on the Boot Camp & Military Fitness Institute’s Free Outdoor Fitness Provider Index? We currently have three areas covered (page views Jan 2015 to Oct 2015): Main Page: 250+ UK sub-page: 2700+ Australasia sub-page: 400+ Canada… Read More

Personal Training: 7-Miler TAB

Just completed a 7-Miler TAB (loaded march) carrying 38 lb in 1 hr 15 min (ish). The time is approximate as I didn’t take a watch (I dropped the kids of at 0800/0805 and was back in the house slightly before 0915). Mainly undulating terrain, running on pavement. Physically my body was up for the… Read More