What is the Influence of new Military Athletic Footwear on the Kinetics & Kinematics of Running in Relation to Army Boots?

Research Paper Title Influence of new military athletic footwear on the kinetics and kinematics of running in relation to army boots. Background Musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries in the lower extremities are common in military recruits. Army boots have frequently been cited as a potential mechanism behind these high injury rates. In response to this, the British… Read More


Is Improved Guidance & Oversight Needed to Ensure Validity & Equity of US Military Fitness Standards (1998)?

Research Paper Title Improved Guidance and Oversight Are Needed to Ensure Validity and Equity of Fitness Standards. Purpose Physical fitness is a fundamentally important part of military life for both men and women in the Department of Defense (DOD). Each year, thousands of service members are denied promotions, schooling, or other benefits for failing to meet fitness standards.… Read More

Linking (Military) Fitness Tests for Job Selection or Retention with Job Performance

Research Paper Title Fitness Tests and Occupational Tasks of Military Interest: A Systematic Review of Correlations. Background Physically demanding occupations (i.e. military, firefighter and law enforcement) often use fitness tests for job selection or retention. Despite numerous individual studies, the relationship of these tests to job performance is not always clear. Methods This review examined… Read More

Charting the Development & Validation of a Physical Fitness Test & Maintenance Standards for Canadian Forces Diving Personnel

Research Paper Title Phase III Report: Development and Validation of a Physical Fitness Test and Maintenance Standards for Canadian Forces Diving Personnel. Abstract The objectives of Phase III were to develop a physical fitness test battery and maintenance standards for Canadian Forces Diving Personnel, specifically Clearance (Cl), Ships’ Team (ST), Port Inspection (PID) and Combat (Cbt) divers. Phases I and II were… Read More

Assessing the Evidence regarding Warm-ups for Military Fitness Testing

Research Paper Title Warm-ups for military fitness testing: rapid evidence assessment of the literature. Background Warm-up exercises are commonly used before exercise as a method to physiologically prepare for strenuous physical activity. Various warm-up exercises are often implemented but without scientific merit and, at times, may be detrimental to performance. To date, no systematic reviews… Read More

New Tests Help Find Best Future Recruits for the British Army

Two new tests have been introduced to the Gurkha selection process in Nepal to ensure all future troops are in top physical condition. For the first time, the 2014/15 intake was required to undertake so-called functional mobility screening (FMS) – various stretching and balancing exercises – to examine muscle flexibility and strength as well as an ECG to check for possible heart problems.… Read More

Women: Front-line Duties & Fitness Requirements

This question was posed in the December 2014 issue of Soldier Magazine by an anonymous soldier: “With regard to the debate on females possibly being allowed to carry out front-line combat duties in Infantry units, can someone tell me whether the fitness requirements will be adjusted if they are permitted to fill these roles? Currently, other regiments give women a little extra time on aerobic assessments and require them to do… Read More