Otitis Externa in Military Divers: What is The Frequency & Harm?

Research Paper Title Otitis externa in military divers: more frequent and less harmful than reported. Background Although otitis externa (OE) is a common disease, data related to (military) divers are limited. This study aimed to determine the incidence of OE in military divers during their initial training. The researchers also wished to consider seasonal influences… Read More


Charting the Development & Validation of a Physical Fitness Test & Maintenance Standards for Canadian Forces Diving Personnel

Research Paper Title Phase III Report: Development and Validation of a Physical Fitness Test and Maintenance Standards for Canadian Forces Diving Personnel. Abstract The objectives of Phase III were to develop a physical fitness test battery and maintenance standards for Canadian Forces Diving Personnel, specifically Clearance (Cl), Ships’ Team (ST), Port Inspection (PID) and Combat (Cbt) divers. Phases I and II were… Read More

New Page Uploaded: RAN Clearance Divers

I have just uploaded a new webpage ‘Royal Australian Navy Clearance Diving Teams‘ under the main page ‘Australian Elite and Special Forces‘ What does the new page tell us? What is clearance diving. A brief history. The role of clearance divers. Women and clearance divers. Outline and organisation of the clearance diving branch. Entry standards… Read More