UK Armed Forces: Effectiveness of Instructor Behaviours & their Relationship to Leadership

Research Paper Title Effectiveness of instructor behaviours and their relationship to leadership. Background This study analysed qualitatively the nature of instructor behaviours and their relationship to leadership. Methods The Critical Incident Technique was used to collect effective and ineffective incidents of instructor behaviour in military training from both instructors’ and trainees’ perspectives (total incidents ¼ 1150, effective ¼… Read More


Women: Front-line Duties & Fitness Requirements

This question was posed in the December 2014 issue of Soldier Magazine by an anonymous soldier: “With regard to the debate on females possibly being allowed to carry out front-line combat duties in Infantry units, can someone tell me whether the fitness requirements will be adjusted if they are permitted to fill these roles? Currently, other regiments give women a little extra time on aerobic assessments and require them to do… Read More