UK Armed Forces: Human Factors Guidance for Designers of Interactive 3D & Games-Based Training Systems

Research Paper Title Human Factors Guidance for Designers of Interactive 3D and Games-Based Training Systems. Background This is the second edition of the Human Factors (HF) Guidelines for Interactive 3D (i3D) and Games-Based Training Systems Design, published in 2012 (1st Edition published in 2008). The author states the motivation for publishing such a document came about due to a realisation that technology… Read More


UK Armed Forces: Effectiveness of Instructor Behaviours & their Relationship to Leadership

Research Paper Title Effectiveness of instructor behaviours and their relationship to leadership. Background This study analysed qualitatively the nature of instructor behaviours and their relationship to leadership. Methods The Critical Incident Technique was used to collect effective and ineffective incidents of instructor behaviour in military training from both instructors’ and trainees’ perspectives (total incidents ¼ 1150, effective ¼… Read More

Wisdom & Outcomes…

“The wisdom of any course can only be judged by the outcome.” (Gemmell, 1995, p.240). Reference Gemmell, D. (1995) Ironhand’s Daughter: Book One of the Hawk Queen. London: Orbit.

What is the Relationship between Leadership Behaviours, Psychological & Training Outcomes?

Research Paper Title The relationship between transformational leadership behaviors, psychological, and training outcomes in elite military recruits. Background Two studies examined the effects of a differentiated model of transformational leadership on follower outcomes. Study 1 In Study 1, 484 UK Royal Marine recruits completed questionnaires about their trainers’ leadership behaviors and their own attitudes towards… Read More

ATRA Code of Practice for [Military] Instructors (1998)

Below is a copy of the Army Training and Recruitment Agency’s (ATRA) code of practice for instructors from 1998, obtained through an FOI request. All instructors where to have a personal copy for reference and knowledgeable on its contents, and adhere to its ethos when acting in an instructional capacity. ATRA is now known as… Read More