Beyond Stereotyping: Understanding Student Readiness for Network Centric Learning

Research Paper Title Beyond Stereotyping: Understanding Student Readiness for Network Centric Learning Abstract Many commentators and educators credit commencing university students from the ‘Net’ or ‘Y’ generation with being well versed in the use of today’s wide range of sophisticated information and communication technologies (ICT) such as the latest Web 2.0 applications and services. Yet to date few… Read More


(Military) Management Education & the Challenges for Staff Development

Research Paper Title Management Education and Challenges for Staff Development. Abstract The way in which information is shared and managed in the current information society has changed. Managers find it a complex task to deal effectively with the information and communication technology in the digital work environment. Yet they play an important role in effectively implementing changed… Read More

Men, Weapons & Time…

“A wise general knows that men can replaced, weapons can be replenished. But lost time cannot be regained.” (Gemmell, 1995, p.115). Reference Gemmell, D. (1995) Ironhand’s Daughter: Book One of the Hawk Queen. London: Orbit.

What is the Relationship between Leadership Behaviours, Psychological & Training Outcomes?

Research Paper Title The relationship between transformational leadership behaviors, psychological, and training outcomes in elite military recruits. Background Two studies examined the effects of a differentiated model of transformational leadership on follower outcomes. Study 1 In Study 1, 484 UK Royal Marine recruits completed questionnaires about their trainers’ leadership behaviors and their own attitudes towards… Read More

New Page: An Overview of the (Military) Staff Officer

A new webpage has just been uploaded ‘An Overview of the (Military) Staff Officer’ which can be found here. A downloadable PDF version can be found here. What does the article contain? What is a staff officer? Command officer versus staff officer. How to become a staff officer. Staff officer grades. Staff assistants. The role… Read More