Micro-Managers Beware…

“Never allow yourself to become absorbed in the task you have assigned to a subordinate. If you assume the direction of a detachment, you lose your grasp of the proceedings as a whole. The business of the responsible officer is to control the entire concern so that the general combination of efforts shall be concentrated… Read More


Inarticulate Thoughts

“Only the officer who dedicates his thought and energy to his men can convert into coherent military force their inarticulate thoughts about their country; nor is any other in a position to stimulate their desire to be of service to it.” S.L.A. Marshal, Men Against Fire, 1947.

Lead from the Front…

“For these reasons, the ‘principle of the object’ will come to have many times its former importance in instruction to all ranks. The need for a clearer concept of it, however, is not greater than the need for junior commanders who will take a keen interest in the larger affairs of war and for higher… Read More

Leading the Charge…

“[Major‐General Sir Harry] Smith attacked with infantry and drove [the Sikhs] out of All despite stubborn counterattacks. With strong cavalry and artillery support, the British rolled up the Sikh line and Smith, leading the last charge in person, drove them headlong over the difficult ford of the broad Sutlej. The Duke of Wellington told the… Read More

3 Common Mistakes Leaders Make Investing Their Energy

There are three common mistakes that leaders can make when investing their leadership capital, which hurt both their efficiency and their effectiveness. 1. Taking the ‘Peanut Butter’ Approach The peanut butter approach is when a leader spreads their time evenly among all their employees, like spreading peanut butter evenly on a piece of bread. And,… Read More