New Look Warrant Officer Education Course

The new-look career syllabus for warrant officers has been published, with pilot courses starting this month (Soldier, 2021a). Unlike the Army leadership and development programme (ALDP) for corporals and sergeants, the two component modules – military training and military education – have been integrated into a single three week package combining e-learning and classroom-based lessons.… Read More


12 Tips on How to Prepare for Your Next Army Career Course

Introduction Soldier education was given an overhaul earlier this year – with the Army Leadership Development Programme (ALDP) launched as a replacement for the old Command, Leadership and Management (CLM) system. The scheme is split into two modules which personnel will undertake as they move up the ranks. Military Training (MT); and Military Education (ME).… Read More

Infantry Junior NCO Cadre Students from Different Battalions Train Together for the First Time

British Army training chiefs have been examining the lessons from a pilot leadership course, which saw aspiring non-commissioned officers (NCOs) from across the Infantry train together for the first time. Although this mental and physical test of command is usually carried out in regiment, the one-off change was made due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It… Read More

Corporals can now Complete ALDP Modules on Personal Devices

Designate Corporals can now complete their required training from their laptops and other personal electronic devices. Replacing part three of the classroom-based CLM course, the Army Leadership Development Programme allows participants to save each module, completing the five-day syllabus at their own pace. Candidates must finish the package, which is on the Defence Learning Environment,… Read More

Macro vs. Micro Managment…

“Never allow yourself to become absorbed in the task you have assigned to a subordinate. If you assume the direction of a detachment, you lose your grasp of the proceedings as a whole. The business of the responsible officer is to control the entire concern so that the general combination of efforts shall be concentrated… Read More

British Army to Scrap CLM for the Army Leadership Development Programme

The Command, Leadership and Management (CLM) course is being scrapped in favour of a more challenging package that troops must complete in full before being able to promote. From October 2020, all Regular soldiers from Lance Corporal to Warrant Officer will instead undertake the Army Leadership Development Programme. They will get one year to finish… Read More

What is the Rebalancing Lives Fund (RBL)?

What is the Rebalancing Lives Fund? The Rebalancing Lives (RBL) Fund (Public Money) aims to help improve the work/life balance of RN/RM personnel by providing financial assistance to projects that deliver RBL benefit in order to combat disruption, uncertainty, drudgery & boredom, wasteful working and an unreasonable pace or weight of work. Who Manages the RBL?… Read More