What is the Rebalancing Lives Fund (RBL)?

What is the Rebalancing Lives Fund?

The Rebalancing Lives (RBL) Fund (Public Money) aims to help improve the work/life balance of RN/RM personnel by providing financial assistance to projects that deliver RBL benefit in order to combat disruption, uncertainty, drudgery & boredom, wasteful working and an unreasonable pace or weight of work.

Who Manages the RBL?

The RBL is controlled and managed by NAVY PERS-PFCS AFC SO2.

What is the Budget of the RBL?

The RBL fund has an annual budget of 200K.

What can the RBL be used For?

The RBL can be used to assist with small one-off projects or equipment to help improve working conditions, ways of working and improve morale for RN/RM personnel and Reserves.

Where Are Funds Allocated?

Funds are allocated to 2 distinct areas:

  1. RBL initiatives such as better equipment or facilities that would not normally be funded by other means.
  2. Command, Leadership and Management (CLM) initiatives and events.

How Are Funds Allocated?

Funding may be allocated to appropriate and worthy projects which have been assessed and satisfy one or more of the following criteria:

  • Linked to an initiative to improve work/life balance by saving work time, which thereafter is available to be used constructively as recreation or down time.
  • Must not be a past failed contender for non-public funds unless due to the size of claim.
  • Should not be for initial infrastructure, which is clearly for others to provide, such as, through contract provision.
  • Must benefit a reasonable number of people unless the measure alleviates a specific pinch point of imbalance.
  • Must identify (although not necessarily cover) through life costs.
  • Must fulfil the normal public money criteria.

Further information can be found on the Defence Intranet.


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