What is the Service Parents Coaching Network (SPCN)?

The Service Parents Coaching Network (SPCN) aims to offer coaching to service parents who have returned to work from ‘parenting leave’ (i.e. Maternity, SPL or Adoption leave), and is ideally suited for those who have returned to work within 9 – 12 months.

It is envisaged that the network will help the service parent feel valued, empowered and be confident to overcome any challenges presented to them. This in turn will encourage retention and will also help to reduce the burden on Line Managers.

The Service Parent will be able to access the network directly without having to seek approval from their Line Manager. The Service’s as a whole will benefit from the provision of this network as it will provide a team of dedicated volunteer coaches who will ensure that service parents have a single point of contact and provide additional support during what can be considered as a key decision point in their careers. The coaches are all appropriately trained, accredited, managed and therefore will be credible in providing the right level of support and guidance at the right time.

SPCN has a website on Defence Intranet.


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