What is the Naval Service Parents Network (NSPN)?

What is the Role of the Naval Service Parents Network (NSPN)?

The NSPN was established to provide support to all Naval Service Parents both at home and whilst deployed.

What is the Aim of the NSPN?

The aim of the NSPN is to provide Naval parents, both deployed and in the UK, with a support network for advice, views and information on family issues

Outline of the NSPN

  • It is a professional network for parents in the Naval Service, established to:
    • Improve retention;
    • Encourage and enable individuals to achieve their potential; and
    • Provide an opportunity to gather feedback to make a positive contribution to shape future personnel policy.
  • Membership is open to all mothers and fathers serving in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Maritime Reserve and Royal Fleet Auxiliary.
  • It aims to deliver benefits to the whole of the Naval Service and as a resource for all line managers, career managers and policy staff.

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