New Look Warrant Officer Education Course

The new-look career syllabus for warrant officers has been published, with pilot courses starting this month.

Unlike the Army leadership and development programme (ALDP) for corporals and sergeants, the two component modules – military training and military education – have been integrated into a single three week package combining e-learning and classroom-based lessons.

Regulars will have 12 months to complete the courses, while Reservists will have 24.

Captain Josh Sleeman (AGC (ETS)), from the professional development team at the Personnel Policy branch, said analysis of the requirements of warrant officers’ roles had identified areas for improved preparation. “The content has been refreshed and more closely aligned to officer training, which will help people when working in staff-based posts,” he explained. “Many subjects will be familiar, such as defence studies, wellbeing, discipline and risk management, but there will be some topics that are less so, including emotional intelligence, wargaming and essay writing.”

The essay assignments will vary in length from 400 to 500 words, while the wargame assessment will take place in a small group, with participants developing a course of action which is then scrutinised and played out. Following this, individuals will be questioned on the activity and its outcomes.

The courses will be led by Educational and Training Services officers and civilian accreditation will be available for those who complete them successfully.

Wider roll out of the programme begins in April 2021 and personnel should speak to their regimental career management officers and refer to the ALDP handbook for further information on booking a slot.

Those who have not completed part three of the old command, leadership and management (CLM) syllabus by 31 March 2021 will be required to do the full ALDP package.


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