British Army to Scrap CLM for the Army Leadership Development Programme

The Command, Leadership and Management (CLM) course is being scrapped in favour of a more challenging package that troops must complete in full before being able to promote.

From October 2020, all Regular soldiers from Lance Corporal to Warrant Officer will instead undertake the Army Leadership Development Programme.

They will get one year to finish it instead of the two years allowed for the CLM course. And, until they do, individuals will not be able to take the rank or salary of their next role.

Previously, troops who had not done part three of the package were still able to act up in a new position – meaning those who did not want to promote further had little motivation to finish it.

The new course blends the fieldcraft skills and in-unit training currently developed on CLM part one with the military education of part three.

However, its content has been made more varied and challenging, and standardised between the cap badges. It can also be completed in any location, not just a soldier’s own unit.

Training will be more aligned with officers.

As well as a culture change, the overhaul means that individuals part way through their latest CLM course need to finish part three before next October or they may struggle to secure a place.

Questions about the changes should go to regimental career management officers or Army education centres.


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